Gyro freezes up


sadly i have to report an issue with my 4K. Once in a while after about half an hour of driving. the Gyro freezes up for a second. After that freeze i’m able to recenter it, but at most cases my car stuck’s in the wall. In this condition the Headset is totaly usless for me.

If there is no workaround for this i have to send the Headset back to the reseller.


Marco Krauß

@Community @Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang

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Added some pokes to your post. Someone either in the community or support should hsve some kind of answer.

Thanks …

I’m curios if someone has discovered the same problem.

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@Bilse please make you have used the latest piplay software and firmware:
Firmware: is the lates,
only one game will lost Gyro control or all the game will meet this issue?
when you find this issue, please save the log for us, Piply->Setting->help->export the log, and send to

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E-Mail sent

forgot to mention in the mail that i’ve only played IRacing.

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@Bilse email received

when you play other games, will you meet this issue?

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I’ve played some Assetto Corsa today and the same happend.

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@Bilse please leave log for playing Assetto Corsa,send to me by

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