GTX 970 - Can i at least check for dead pixels?

Hi guys, my 5k+ is waiting at the post office. still haven’t decided on building/buying a new PC vs selling.

In the meantime, do you think it’s possible to even fire up the headset to evaluate for dead pixels etc with my GTX 970? i’d hate to go out and start diving into this only to find I need to return the headset and wait another 2 months.


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Sure. You shouldn’t have problems with “low demand” games and apps. Use the lowest quality settings in the app and/or low super-sampling settings.

My recommendation would be to watch a video with large areas of white, red, orange, and blue, which seem to be the most problematic colors.


okay great thanks!

20202020 char


This video might be a good test. Just pause it and look closely at the panels.


Instead “of 20202020 char” you can type a line of dots:


awesome thanks again

Or just write (20 characters)
The space before + parentheses + words adds up to 16 characters, which is good enough as long as your OP is at least four characters.

" (20 characters)"

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Or add an Emoji or 2. All the text for the symbol name counts towards the 20 chars. This one could be a full post on its own… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye : :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I personally broke one of the utility programs we use at work (only broken for me), because I started my account password with a } char. It took several days to track down why I couldn’t log in!

It’s only an internal system, but I worry about the possibility of some sort of script hack with a carefully chosen password.

Good old Bobby Tables