Growling Sidewinder 8KX DCS 2.7

Overall he seems pretty happy.


How long has he worked for Pimax ? :grinning:

Really though, nice vid. Gives newbies a reasonable idea of needs and costs to “swim in the deep end” :smiley:

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Wow that’s one of the biggest DCS youtube channels.

In the DCS forums and the hoggit subreddit I see lots of DCS players are using Pimax 8KX too.

Looks like Pimax 8KX is pretty successful with the flight sim niche.
Good target market as these people seem to have unlimited money to spend lol … just take a look at the DCS module prices.


I suspect flight sim is a lot less niche to VR than VR is to gaming. I know it was 3 sims that had me buying a CV1


It helps if you had the basestations to start. Forget the controllers. I have spent the cash on 8kx and updated system and I can’t say I regret it at all. It really is huge bang for huge bucks

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