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Dec 19, 2020

KDMAS Bass Extenders For Narrow Heads

By @grodenglaive

Presented On r/pimax


@grodenglaive Any chance this would be an issue if I were to get someone to print it for me?

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You might want to poke him on r/pimax as he shared it there. User card shows last seen here on May 2019. Though my poke and yours might notify him.

Pasting pictures on reddit never works for me, so tried here instead, not invested enough to go beyond that ;p

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True Reddit and pics sucks. But you link him back here. :laughing:

sure, no problem at all.

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I just added a threaded adjustable version as well. Enjoy, my narrow headed friends.


This is quite awesome!

just got this printed and tested out here, the adjustable one works great! highly recommended. thanks again!