Greenroom SweViver

I like the greenroom setup from @SweViver

Can you make a greenroom review of how you made it all like that?
I have seen some complex rigs already, so I am just curious.

Looks good! :sparkles::gift_heart:

Best regards

I can do that, all I need is a Pimax 8K

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now we know why this famous โ€žpower buttonโ€ from sje leak photo is broken :slight_smile:

Hey mate, Im sorry I totally missed this post and your request. I made a video almost 1 year ago about showing my simple VR man cave โ€œon a budgetโ€. Some stuff has been replaced since then (and that terrible sofa is now gone hehe), but basically its a cheap solution for a home studio :slight_smile:


No problem at all @SweViver Great stuff! I am going to watch it when I am back from work.
Nice new profile pic