Graphene Batteries to power next gen standalone headsets? (Speculation)

Imagine the next geneation standalone headsets used this.


Batterie with Graphene in them have been about for some years now,

I dont recommend them over lithium polymer battery, life time of these batteries do not last as long as standard lithium polymer battery.
Is this a NEW batterie with 100% Graphene ?


The Gpro is a new process, charges ~80% faster than the best lithium and survives more recharge cycles. I think most people would rate this battery as the first next gen battery in forever.


The batteries are Li-Ion enhanced with graphene, leading to improved charge time, capacity and durability. Just sharing for those curious and “Graphene Batteries” sounds as though it is the main material(but Possyguset already sort of mention that :slight_smile:).


‘1,000Wh per kilogram’
Even 400Wh per kilogram would be a worthwhile upgrade for a lot of applications.

That said, Lithium ranks rather high on charts of standard electrode potential, and very low on weight. Some of the so-called graphene batteries are still apparently using Lithium ions somehow. There are also other superior Lithium battery technologies around, so I continue to be skeptical how ‘revolutionary’ the ‘graphene’ buzzword really is in any application.


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