GPU Catalyst missing


after getting a 3090 a tried completely deleting PiTool and reinstall it, for best performance.
Since them I’m missing the GPU Catalyst setting.

It should be here, right?

With my previous version, it was set to 0 or 0.5 (large artifacts with elite). But I wanted to try it again.
Don’t know what the setting is right now…

Version of actual PiTool and Firmware (5k+)*
image .

(*) => Still waiting for my 8kx due to fedex. But at least it is now in Germany.
Hopefully I’m able to do some tests with the 3090 and the 8kx next week ^^

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It’s removed on the newer versions of PiTool.

Don’t remember which one was the last one with the setting.


What did it do, anyway?

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Thanks for the answer. Do you know if it is completely removed, temporary or is just the setting for it removed and in background it is still running?

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They fixed the problem it was implemented to solve. So it’s no longer needed.


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