Got TrackIR working with Pimax in DCS World

Hi guys

Hopefully this is new news - if not, my apologies!

I have seen several posts here and elsewhere about how TrackIR doesn’t work in 6DOF with the Pimax. I just got TrackIR working in 6 DOF with the Pimax 4K (ver 1.2.53 and F/W and the NON Steam version of DCS World 1.5.

The trick that worked for me is to be in “Pimax Mode”. Then open the SteamVR settings, go to the “Developer” section, and uncheck “Start SteamVR when an application starts”. Then close SteamVR before opening DCS from the desktop DCS icon. The HMD still tracks in the menu screens, but the TrackIR over rides it in game.

So now as well as pitch and yaw, we can move horizontally, vertically, and forward/back.

Also, just for reference, the menu screens can be seen fully (no cutting off of the menus).


Hey Kato not sure if you have it but if you do could you let us know if this works with IL2 BOS/M?

Are you using the trackIR clip or did you attach reflective material to your pimax?

Sorry, I don’t have IL2, so I can’t comment on that.

For TrackIR I am using TrackClipPro.

Ok thanks Kato I will look at trying to get mine set up as you described above. I’m hoping it will work as my IL2 also uses a separate launcher so unless they have some sort of overide when HMD is detected should be good. Going to the pimax tracking after 6DOF of TrackIR feels so restrictive and annoying with the gyro drift. I will keep this thread updated.

I just wanted to confirm this worked for DCS in direct/pimax mode and not “extended” right.

Also I’d suggest you and anyone that enjoys flight Sims/dcs to check out IL2 Bos i believe it’s 50% off right now on steam and their site.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ll give it a try with elite dangerous and my custom tracking setup.
the lack of 6dof tends to make you really nauseos if you’re moving on your chair

EDIT: tried but this trick is not working with ELITE, probably due to native VR support