Got my Pimax 5k+ just a few words!

So i ordered my pimax last month and got it now after a month which kinda is all right for me after seeing how many people have been unlucky. Though pimax didn’t send any info and that place were you could enter your number to see the status of your order wasn’t updated either till it arrived in UK. Then everything got updated, got a message from Pimax that they sent my headset, just a bit too late imo. Just want to write this so people who just bought it can relax a bit, hopefully.

I went from OG vive and would say this is a big improvement. The resolution is amazing and so is the FOV. I got another kind of face pad from what i’ve been seeing but it’s still too thin, my eyelashes hits the screen so i took my narrow vive face pad and put them together with a fishing line.

I found no issues like the cable issue that many have, no dead pixel (thank god). There is backlight bleed but it’s an LCD so i didn’t expect much.

It doesn’t really fit that nice somehow, it feels like all the weight is put on the forehead.

I got eye strain ofc, like most people. been trying to find a good IPD but still doesn’t feel right. I feel like my eyes are slowely getting use to the headset so the eye strain gets less but it’s still there. My brain is a bit off as well, getting nauseous but i guess my brain has to do some work and get used to it.

Im happy with the product though, i won’t use my old vive again. Execpt for all those small problems i’m just a bit sad of the black levels but it’s not OLED so what can i do.

I thought the cable was gonna be a bit longer, but i guess i got the wrong info from someone so does anyone have any suggestions of cable extensions?


I bought these 2:

I had issues with eye strain that were lessened greatly by placing some vive vrcover padding on the headset. It will be nice if/when folks can produce some solutions for face padding and the “helmet”. I love mine; the tunnel/binocular vision and inability to read text was my problem with the vive and this takes care of both of those issues.

I have a fat head (7 1/2 hat size, and widely spaced eyes), this seems to be a big differences maker for folks when it comes to comfort and eye strain. Narrow heads have to do some work with fit while i took it out of the box and used it for 2 months and was very happy. I just now started dealing with comfort and eye strain… a little work went a long way here.

There are good posts in these forums on how to increase blacks/reduce light bleed etc. if you dig around.

hope this helps.

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