Got my 5kx today

I got a email yesterday saying its out for shiping so i though 2 week . No the next day dpd diliverd it
Opend the box expecting something wrong with it becuse of sll the feed back and its 100% ok its a solid unit it dont flex and crack like in the vids no crapy joins it looks like it should no dead pixels perfect.

I had a bit of truble at first pitool did not see the unit but that was my bad i dident update my 1080ti
All i need to do it get some controllers and baystashions i think ill wait till the nuckle come out and just play sit down games


Pre-order or backer. If pre-order what number ?

123079 preorder im shocked i got it as backers are still waiting

So do I as I am a 122xxx number. Good for you mate, enjoy!
Ps: when did you pre-order, if you don`t mind?

jan 12 .19 you will get yours soon i hope

…ordered mine on Jan 5th

I ordered mine October 27 and still nothing. Not even a tracking number.

Same here. I’m preorder P115X ordered 10/26 and nothing still.

Where are you from? Which country exactly :D?

Uk Worcestershire . .

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