Goodbye and personal thoughts on the whole kickstarter thing

When I got my 5k+ …well at first, I was underwhelmed, then I upgraded with DAS and an extra face cushion (already had my old vive setup). After this and a few softwareupdates my pimax was “okayish”, but I have to admit I was never really happy with it. Too much tinkering, too unpolished, too many little mistakes imho. All of this would have been good and fine, if they would have delivered on time, but they did not.

As my “playroom” became the room of my son, I sold my whole pimax setup for 1k+ $ and shortly after my kickstarter stuff for 200+ $. So I did not loose any money and I had some fun.

I am very grateful for pimax pushing the VR-industry in the right direction and just trying new stuff. However, some discussions on this forums…well I don’t get some people. Talking about new headsets and new great tech ideas from a company that did not even manage to put out a decent headstrap. Let alone all the softwareproblems… or the missing controllers…or…or….or. No offence intended of course.

So even though I am happy, that I backed the kickstarter, I would never recommend anybody to buy a pimax headset.

My personal happy end:

I got myself a quest, because I do not need a “playroom” for it. It is really nice and a lot of fun, but it is not PC-VR, which I am really missing. Well: My wife just told me that I should start renovating her little “office room” (I think I am missing the right word here) because my index (wohoo!) will arrive next week. I would marry her again, if I could. Really happy right now, even if my new playspace will only be something like 2 x 2 meters.

I had a lot of fun on this forum (mostly reading, more of a silent person on the www at least), so I thought it would be nice and polite to say goodbye to you guys. See you all in VR and I really hope pimax keeps improving, because you guys really deserve it!

Oh and sorry for bad grammar orspelling mistakes, I am not a native speaker.



My thoughts EXACTLY.


I’m ok with the idea that Pimax is a small company and therefore simply can’t push as large companies, they just should be more honest, without shutting themselves in silence when they are in trouble. Every time Pimax admitted his problems, detailing the causes, people has always appreciated. But instead of learning from the past they seem getting even worse

However yes, using a Pimax can be frustrating because of the poor software quality, and I’m also having some difficulty recommending it to my friends.


I’m not using my Pimax 5k+ because:

-Poor performance/quality (even with the 9700k+2080ti)
-No controllers/basestations
-No audio strap
-Awful hassle of configuration for every game over and over again
-No save settings per game option
-Glitchy and unstable software
-Bad dark levels because of the LCD screens (applies on dark games)

If the above mentioned problems didn’t exist, I WOULD however use my Pimax 5k+ because of the

-Nice field of view (if there was no need of parallel projection, which again kills the performance)
-Crisp native resolution/low screen door effect
-Good comfort with the DAS mod


I always find it funny that we as guys say things like “we would marry her again if we could” in response to what should be a given freedom to turn a room into space for his stuff…almost like we are thanking our lucky stars that the women we are with grant us with freedom to be an adult and make choices and acknowledge it is a rare thing to find. When in reverse order, women don’t ask us they just do what they want and even if they asked we would be like of course you can turn any room you want in this house into whatever you’d like, haha.


I can sympathise with the people who didn’t realise getting into pimax was going to include constant hassle setting up games and experiencing crashes etc. It is definitely not casual user friendly and has annoyed me plenty trying to get things working. I still have almost 50% of my games to bother trying to sort out.

But from someone who showed up a little later, and heard the drawbacks and expected a few hiccups the experience is quite different.

I don’t want to come across like a fan there is plenty of improvement available as mentioned above, but without pimax and their annoying setup I personally wouldn’t have even bothered with VR at all.

When I thought of VR years back when oculus just started I imagined a headset that would envelop your view. I took it for granted that you’d be able to look around in the virtual world, in the same vain as the real world. Personally, it was a given that I’d have peripheral vision. When I learned that people were looking through the equivalent of a periscope with vive and oculus I decided to put VR on the backburner.

Pimax headsets are the first to actually put importance on my personal assumed standard. That there’s room to look around in VR. To think of paying 400 pounds on something I have to turn my head 45 degrees to see the equivalent of the standard view in the pimax just seems silly to me. Also though, clarity is imortant to me, very much so, but after experiencing 170 I’m not even interested in trying hp reverb

I know that screen door, fov, brightness blacks, so many different points are relative to the consumer in importance

I honestly can’t understand though how some people don’t care about FOV. It’s what you grew up with XD

Imagine getting stuck with 110 degrees IRL. Horse blinkers. I am pretty sure You wouldn’t like that, so I just struggle to empathise with those who say FOV isn’t important :slight_smile: Hey if anyone reads this and wants to try to convince me I promise I will read with an open mind.

I’m damn grateful to pimax making this range or I wouldn’t have experienced VR at all, and I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody else matches them on fov for a long time, because why not milk the status quo as long as possible especially after how difficult it was to produce a wide fov headset at an affordable price in the first place…

Pimax can be a pain in the arse, but still. I think at least I owe them some gratitude for what they achieved and I experienced. And I will be saving up for this 8kX !!


Every headset on the market has it flaws.
So what are you guys using instead of pimax?

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Petro9986 - If you ‘‘backed the Kickstarter’’ and have your Pimax 5K headset, then why doesn’t it say ‘‘backer’’ next to your username…:thinking:

Same reasons for me. Except i dont have DAS.

Using my Oculus Quest every day. Did not touch my 5k+ for 3 months.


I would seriously consider doing the same if the index was available in Canada.

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yes exactly, i think ive used my pimax like 5% of my VR time for these exact reasons. Honestly the biggest difference maker would be allowing us to save our settings per game.

The other day it took me 2 days to get bullet sorrow running. Then I tried tobget battlezone running dame hassle. Then I went back to bullet sorrow and forgot ehat settings I chose, so I had to do ot all over again what a crappy experience.


but seriously though, i get what your saying but i think the importance of fov varies by genre. Also importance of fov in gameplay is a bell cur w , diminishing the higher you get.

110 deg is like looking through a periscope. but the small fov on pimax is quite satisfactory. The jump from 110 > 130 is like opening your eyes from a squint to fully open. Its what I like to call getting your full frontal vision opened up. The claustrophobia goes away.

130-> 150 is nice. but not as drastic as 110 ->130
150-> 170 is a bit noticible

Cockpit games like driving and flight FOV is king
Beatsaber. -not so much i think 130 would be acceptable.

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That isnt automatic…

At this point, I’d call this a successful Kickstarter. At least I got a product which is honestly about as good as I hoped for (and better than I expected).

The delays have been excessive, but I’d rather have a good product that was delayed, than a crappy one sooner. Granted, I’d be happier if I had my Kickstarter bonus goodies, but I think they will eventually be delivered.


Regarding the tweaking needed, it is disappointing that on top of that they put in and don’t fix bugs like the left/right panels defaulting to different brightness levels every time you start using it.

It has been weeks(?) and they still dont fix stuff like that which is supposed to be the stable version.

I wouldn’t recommend Pimax either because of stuff like this… I don’t want to be tech support for people I recommend it to.

Though I am happy with the experience when it works.

… It is actually the same as during the time we were waiting for our headsets. There are very simple things they can do to improve the overall experience, but they just seem to not care. Instead they do bugs like this that make it worse and don’t fix it.

They are asking their users to put up with too much…

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we should consider to open a thread about disappointed people selling back their pimax.
I am sure there are many people who are looking to purchase one.

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What irks me is that not only do they ask too much of us users, they also lay the blame on backers and customers alike when we voice your grievances. They are so prideful and arrogant that their whole mentality is “I got a product with the largest FOV on the market, not bothered to market them or to send out units to developers, if they don’t contact us then it’s their loss. If people say anything bad on the forum, censor them, ban them permanently. We are the best!”


God created eBay for exactly this reason tho. People who want to purchase wouldn’t go to this forum since this forum is generally unknown to the public outside of backers and those who pre-ordered.


I’m using only the Pimax and the only headset I’m waiting at the moment is the Pimax 8K-X, but I’m a 50 year old techie and I love to see problems as part of the fun.

If Pimax wants to sell only to people like me, so it’s okay, all fine…

But I can’t recommend to my friends an headset that needs to be heavily modded to become comfortable, with the software changing settings randomly every time you run, and the peripherals suddenly stop working while the drivers stay weeks without a fix.

it’s more annoying to see negligence in the small details than in the larger things


To be honest, and I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve swapped back to my Rift, for the time being. I’m really only playing ETS2 at the moment, and it’s just easier, a smoother process, and more comfortable to simply drop the Rift on my head and press play. Also the Pimax smoothing doesn’t work so well in ETS2

The face shape of the Pimax is just becoming a pain, both figuratively and literally, and the headstrap is just not good. Once I have the Pimax sitting where I want in, on my head, if I have to remove it to talk, see my screen or whatever, I have to start the process over of wedging bits of foam around the face mask to take the lens’ off my nose and fill all the gaps around the mask. Once I’ve done that two or three times in a session, I start to get a bit of angst… so I swapped back to the Rift for now

I need to print up a new face-plate that fists my classically western face shape and big nose, and I want the kickstarter pimax headstrap… I’m sure I’ll swap around with my HMDs as time goes on but I’m kind of ‘over’ the Pimax just at the very moment… I’m also not playing Elite at the moment so that probably has something to do with it


Ouch… That doesn’t sound nice… :crazy_face::grinning:

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