Good guide to VR settings?

New to my Pimax 5K + and to VR, but not new to stereoscopic gaming and performance issues - I’ve been gaming that way using Tri-Def and SuperDepth3D now for just about 10 years.

Lot’s of new stuff to learn, however. For example, controlling the resolution of rendered games is extremely confusing. Take Project Cars 2 - there appear to be a total of at least 4 different way to configure the “resolution” of the game rendering. 1) The regular resolution settings in PCars2 - 2) The VR Super-Sampling setting in PCars2 3) The Rendering Quality in the PiMax Tools settings and 4) The Steam VR Application Resolution settings.

But I can’t find an explanation anywhere as to which of settings actually do anything whatsoever (the regular resolution settings in the PCars2 options, for example, appear to do nothing), which settings compliment each other, and which settings supersede which other settings. It’s even unclear in the Steam VR settings whether the custom-application settings on a per-game basis require the “enable custom resolutions” setting on a totally separate preferences pane to also be activate.

At any rate, a good guide to the fundamentals of what the bloody-heck is actually going on would be invaluable. Anyone have a place to point me (and others)?

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I myself usually leave:

  • Pitool render at ×1.0
  • SteamVR Video setting on Auto

Then use In game settings to fine tune. SteamVR has a per ap Super Sampling setting.

A good tool for helping to fine tune settings is FpsVR.


I take a similar route, but I have a fairly beefy system. I leave PiTools quality at 2.0 and SteamVR on Auto. Then I use fpsVR to tweak in-game settings to balance framerate vs quality.