Good decision delaying release

Hi @Pimax,

I applaud your decision in delaying the 8k release. I know people want their headsets two years ago, but it would be better for them, and the VR community as a whole, to release a solid product. Hopefully, the delay will not be too long and everyone will praise how beautiful 8k looks.

I wish I had enough money to have invested in the 8k, but Christmas was around the corner and the piggy bank was a little empty. :smiley:
So I supported the kickstarter with a minimal contribution instead.

I cannot wait to see the reviews from CES. Blow them away!


Agreed. Better not to rush it.


Dont agree with this approach. They should be more open, and work hard for not delaying more.

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Pretty sure they are working their butts off, but not just on one porduct but the entire company instead. Closing that Series A funding round was a hell of a workload I’m sure. I’d rather the porduct I will be using comes from a company that is doing well overall and will be able to provide support and future development rather than a rushed job by an outfit that is literllay falling apart in terms of its structure and capital needs.

Literally everyone that has ever had anything to do with prototyping and hw/sw SKUs has said right from the get-gp that the porposed timeframe was ridiculous; I’m glad Pimax have caught on to that and trheir next couple of months will be hectic af: CES in January collecting feedback and developing the brand and hopefully commencing porduction some time in March/April is no small feat in itself but made even more difficult by pretty much the whole of february going down the drain for Chinese New Year.

Glad I backed this project!


They have been working their butts off. Yes, they can be more open, but ask any developer how they feel about the boss nagging about the status of a project and you will see what it is like.

With that said, will rev. 5 be the last prototype or will there be a rev. 6? Development needs to freeze at some point so that there can be a release.

Sorry you are impatient but I think most of us want a finished product, not some half baked beta headset.


Guys I really want a finished, best Pimax 8k as well but not at the expense of waiting months and months…till 2019!! This is not right! Any delay should be reasoned with details and relief which is so far I don’t feel unfortunately!

We couldn’t learn anything about the controllers (except some minor concept work) How will be haptics like Vive or Rift or poor MS mixes reality? E
What is the final design? When will we see at least a prototype? This year?

80hz may be a problem to delay, yes. But we know this problem for the last 2 months (almost), what they did so far? What will change things in a month?

There are so many other issues but except some written updates we couldnt see v5 or v4 pictures, how it works, we know nothing…

Yes, ready to wait a bit more, but don’t forget that no product should be allowed to be designed with unlimited time. They promised January, very strictly, a couple of months of delay can occur but no more should be allowrd without sound, reasonable and solid explanation.

They have to wotk harder and show us more progress. Enough saying “better to wait rather than having half baked, bla bla”. I want a full ready product and I want it asap, as promised!


Who said anything about 2019?

It feels it is going that way with pledger community’s attitude: “Take your time as long as possible rather than a half baked product” Hope I am wrong, I just want Pimax succeed, we the community to enjoy a near perfect VR headset, but not the expense of waiting months and months!

They promised January, now looks not earlier than April/May! I just don’t want anymore delays!


Nobody promised January. On their Kickstarter page they estimated January for just the headset or February for the full package. 80% of Kickstarters miss their estimated dates, and it’s far, far, far better to announce a delay than to ship a bad product.As long as you communicate that delay - some Kickstarters have ended up horribly because they didn’t tell people about a delay, they just didn’t ship.

Can you see where those two demands can act as opposing forces. They are saying that if we want the best HMD they can make it will take more time. Getting the best HMD and having it shipped in January is Not possible. We can’t have both and those of us on either side of this debate are going to just have to deal with it. I am more optimistic now that they want to deliver a quality product than when I originally backed. They appear to want to do right by their customers and their company. I personally am willing to let them do that.


Some of y’all should never have gotten into kickstarter. Its not a preorder system. You are investing into a company on the hopes that a product will ship. Getting all worked up over a delay will get you nowhere, they dont have to release this product at all.


That’s totally wrong.
They have to release this product, they have taken our money. Just because on Kickstarter sometimes have scammers doesn’t mean this should be the norm, or a justification for scamming our money.

Yes if they are lying and taken our money and ran away there’s not much we can do, but it’s not because they don’t have to release the product, it’s because they scamming bitches.

Doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right its how life works. Kickstarter is a gamble with even the best companies if your not willing to lose your money dont spend it.

This all being said I see no reason why Pimax wont deliver the goods just sick and tired of everyone losing their shit over the first sign of delay and it isnt even that big of a delay yet.


I am sick of this attitude as well. Eveyone knows what a kickstarter is and how system works. Enough guys! Take your time approach is a dangerous one.

Any delay should be ofcourse questioned by backers! We need solid reasons for any delays! Pimax reason to me is not solid but a reasonanle one.

If we want pimax to succeed, we rather push them more with questions.

For sure you should have not! Your attitude and approach is totally wrong and would never help Pimax to succeed.

So many projects on kickstarter was successful, after all people here are comparing Pimax kickstarter with Oculus one. Go back check Oculus Kicksarter page and what people wrote their.

There may be delays! But pledgers should constantly push developers for more info and details.

Delays should not be engouraged by pledgers with “take your time” attitude. This way they can succeed, not by giving them unlimited time.

Pimax needs to set a deadline for the release of the 8K basic product and stick to that deadline.
An ever moving delivery date indicates that they don’t have a solid spec to work to in place.

Attending technology shows and gathering feedback to improve the product is a failed design strategy because no two people will ever want the same thing and again this to me shows uncertainty in their design spec.

I have read with interest comments from both Pimax and backers from the very start of the 8K announcement and I continue to wish Pimax well in this important development, but I think that they have set the bar too high to achieve expectations in a single development step.

I believe they will probably get there eventually, but in my opinion, it will take a lot longer than a few more months.
Just use the Pimax4K as an example. Years after release and still not finished. And a far simpler development than the 8K.
Anyone expecting something different is going to be disappointed.

I worked as a product developer for many many years and not once did management allow a deadline to be extended without a very very good reason. And trying to make it the best product in the world is not a valid reason for a deadline extension.


I am inclined to agree with your point of view, knowing there is no guarantee that these delays will make the product better and if they are really going to be able to exceed the 80Hz limit, which seems to be the biggest problem these days.

It is preferable to keep to the plan, if by chance this delay exceeds the month of March.


Guys, honestly, I think you are missing one pretty important point: Pimax will not be too concerned about the impatience or patience of the KS backers, as they know that virtually all KS prijects get delayed so no big deal.

So they could let deliveries slip into late 2018 or even 2019. Really ? Well, actually no, and it has absolutely nothing to do with us backers. Pimax want to establish their 8K as a first of class next gen HMD. They are trying to get into a business controlled by Oculus and HTC today. If they only deliver at the end of 2018 or early 2019, I bet at least one of the two big guns have announced their CV2 and I bet that will be very competitive to the 8K, to say the least. So if Pimax only manage to release the 8K in significant numbers that late, they will no longer need to, because other than to the backers they will not be getting many orders any longer.
Time is of the essence for them in a really crucial manner, they simply cannot permit to release the final product any later than May, because then the summer break kicks in and after it I expect the announcements of CV2’s by at least HTC. Oculus may take a different approach and rather focus on medium-spec mass market, but HTC will try to position itself as a high-end VR manufacturer, also with an eye on the juicy margin business VR market.

I therefore am convinced that Pimax will release the product in May, whatever the performance is at that time.


Totally agree with you. Without deadlines no project would be perfect! They need to balance things, a lot of people would be ok with 80hz however if it is gonna take a couple of months more to achieve 90hz pledgers would agree but anymore attempt to delay will be definately perceived ad some other crucial problem. They need to be open, and work hard, already they have tremendous support, they should use it wisely.

The fact that most kickstarters delayed is no excuse as most delayed ones have already been unsuccesful products.

Pimax should aim for a not so long delayed yet a solid VR headset. That is the only way for them to succeed!