Global warming and climate change alarmists harp on about “dangerously high” manmade CO2 output levels. So how much are they? The answer will shock you

Global warming and climate change alarmists harp on about “dangerously high” manmade CO2 output levels. So how much are they? The answer will shock you.

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If you are a climate change denier, I have other questions, unrelated to CO2 for you.

  1. Why are renewable resources (solar, wind, Nuclear, and hydroelectric,) worse or least preferable, when compared to Coal, Oil, and Natural gas?

  2. Why should we oppose higher fuel economy vehicles or zero emission Vehicles? Anyone who has lived in LA or New York can attest to the shitiness of smog from ICE transportation.

  3. Do you oppose U.S. energy independence?

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30.000 Scientists sign petition against global warming.

NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense

I don’t deny aything, I’m just an abserver, I agree anyone would be happy of having a cleaner, non polluting energy source to stop all the pollution on Earth.

BUT…this global warming thing is being used to funnel other agendas and rob billions…that’s it.

That is just it though. The “interests” involved in this debate are the green energy sector v.s. the establishment fossil fuel industries, and their associated political/social arms. Let’s say for a moment that the scientific consensus on climate change is wrong, and that the earth is merely going through a normal cycle of warming.

If we grant that premise, (which I do not for the record, but for argument’s sake.) what is the debate really about? It boils down to a shit fight of corporate interests (fossil fuel) v.s. new corporate competitors, and green startups, IE the free market that offers a newer more efficient product.

So, if I am going to back a horse in that debate, it sure as hell is not going to be the fossil fuel industry. Fossil Fuels are an inefficient energy source at best, and scarce, polluting, and conflict generating on the negative side.

Just consider the cost V efficiency curve that OPEC, big coal, and Natural Gas producers have to contend with.

There is an economic incentive for the big oil companies to lobby automakers to hold back efficiency of the internal combustion engine, and you can only make combustion so efficient anyway, that is just thermodynamics. Green Power is the future. The oil lobby is the side doing the robbing if we are honest.

Imagine how much bloodshed the U.S. could avoid if it told OPEC to screw itself!

To speak to Coal’s inefficiency, even when we try to clean the burn, the costs are enormous compared to the (as yet unseen benefits.)


The interesting thing is many space scientist and researchers say that the entire solar system is heating up, every planet in it…not only the Earth…

You observe definitly the wrong sources. 99.9% of the scientific world say climate change is long proven. People like you find (search) for the 0.1% of fake news and think this is all a conspiracy…



People… you mean the paranoid… but yup… Is a reliable source? Here’s the finding…

Factual Reporting: MIXED

Space.News (SN) is a site focusing primarily on space and space exploration. As such, SN is a mixed bag of hard science, speculation, and outright conspiracy. While the hard science articles are generally well sourced and factual, they are in the minority on Space.News. The remainder of the stories either link to other conspiracy sites or related stories on SN itself.


  1. The article regarding the reanimation of frozen zebrafish embryos is a fairly straightforward look at research into cryogenics.

  2. The story “debunking” the moon landings, however, is pure conspiracy. Relying on “Detailed Photographic Analysis” the story is essentially a reworking of several conspiracies regarding the landings.

Although SN does offer some hard science content, the predominance of poorly sourced conspiracy and pseudoscience stories earns them a Conspiracy / Pseudoscience rating.

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I’m a conservative… and even I’m embarrassed that is actually a conservative rag… this 30K “scientists-sign-petition” has been debunked many times. Here is the main reason heartland can’t be trusted on this topic or any other… they are heavily funded by corporations involved in the fossil fuel industry.


Opinions…you just have yours based on your current understanding of things and based on what feels more “probable” for you, this doesn’t mean other have their validity and their reason to be and exist…yet…there are so many inconsistencies, if you had the courage to look deeply at it, that many people will in any case find one of these points of view interesting…

As I already said…that information is not for you.

Then you will be surprised, as soon as the thousands of classified technologies and patents that Trump ordered to declas one year ago, will come out entirely (unfortunately there are still some powers keeping most of these public…), because most of these techs will rewrite science and technology nearly from ground-up, in respect of what we know…I’ve seen and studied some of these patents, and can say that these have the sure potential to bring us as far as in Star Trek as a civilization…

Just wait…


I’m going to assume you mean “declassify” when you wrote “declas”… is that correct?

I’m just curious… if the idea of a patents is to protect an idea… what good is it to have a patent if you “declas” it? And if you studied these “classified” technologies that public doesn’t have access to yet why are you revealing these secrets on a public Chinese forum of a VR manufacturer?


When will lillo stop using these forums for his crazy conspiracy videos. The answer will shock you!



There are more than 15.000 patents that have been classified for “government security” purposes since the early 1900, some have been declassified recently, but not many, and not the most important ones, but there are channels from where copies can be obtained; Trump ordered to declassify most of these one year ago but only a few have been made public, they are freely visible at the U.S. Patent Office website…

But of course you don’t even know any of this…it’s too far from both your mind and interests…

We’re in a PUBLIC (generic talk) area of the forum, anything can be discussed, and I often post tech and IT related content…so…

A BIG portion of these patents are technology related, an area where I’m well versed and in which I have vast knowledge, so I’m not talking shit…like most often you do.

The real question is…why you waste so much energy in contesting something that doesn’t interest you at all ??.. just discard and go back to read the other forum areas…as easy as that… :smirk:

I seriously doubt that 30.000 scientists and Doctors represent the 0.1% , since the sources pushing the global warming are really a few dozens of “scientists”… :slight_smile:

And I have read all and any opinion and point of view in both (and you ?)…and there is strong evidence that it’s an accurately designed deception.

For example…the article using the “Ink test” is a total joke, for anyone knowing even some basic chemistry…

This is how easily some interests deceive the people, because they well know that people don’t have even some basic scientific understanding, and that most people will believe the first thing that is said to them, if it is comfortable enough.

But the real question and the only real question I was asking which I’m REALLY REALLY interested to know but you didn’t answer… so I’ll ask again… how does a person such as yourself who cites every fringe media on the web has the ability to study these so called “Star Trek” type technology that will become available to the public shortly? Here, let me quote you… [quote=“Lillo, post:12, topic:9076”]
.I’ve seen and studied some of these patents, and can say that these have the sure potential to bring us as far as in Star Trek as a civilization…

How does one obtain this TOP-SECRET clearance from the U.S. to be able to study them???.. I want to study them also!!!

And a follow up question because I’m REALLY REALLY interested in your knowledge of such American secrets… Did I waste my money backing the Pimax system when in a short period of time I can have a Star-Trek holodeck system in my home? That would really suck you know…


LMAO! I see Lilo got a visit from the Logic fairy.


Do you not see how this is an oxymoron? A deception is the art of obfuscation, lying, and misrepresentation of facts.

Accurately designed = planned and thought out statement of that which conforms to reality.

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Long long story… But in short, it’s partly related to the fields of application I have worked in the past and, to some extent still work … in wich these materials sometimes come up in restricted and confidential form, and secondly because I was always an avid learner and never stopped questioning even the most small “why” and “what if ?”.

If you are interested as you say … go to find what I suggested, certainly I will not chase you in that quagmire with you, after you have positioned the way you did, you do not have a shred of interest in finding what we are talking about … otherwise you would have started an intelligent discussion.