Glasses touch Pimax 5k lenses

At first I did not notice it, but then, I found out that my glasses are always touching the lenses. I have not noticed any scratches on my glasses or headset lenses but it’s making me nervous!

Also frustrating is the fact that the headset pushes my glasses closer to my face, so much so, that my eyelashes are brushing up against my glasses.

It seems that what I had read before purchasing Pimax concerning ample room for glasses was the fact that the sides are notched and there is ample room except for the distance between the lenses and the glasses. The lenses on the headset are already very close to one’s face without wearing glasses.

I hope Pimax sells thicker replaceable foam soon or release the frames for corrective lenses.


Luckily, my small-framed reading/computer glasses fit inside my 8K without touching the lenses. I would still like to get the prescription frame insert, since when I don or doff the headset, it’s likely I’ll smudge my glasses and need to clean them. This is even with me trying to carefully put on the headset. The smudging mostly seems to happen when I need to lift the headset to see something on my monitor.

I know exactly what you mean. Although my glasses do not touch the lenses on the Oculus or the PS VR, removing the headset and putting them on would always smudge the lenses or the glasses would get stuck in the headset :roll_eyes:

I have contacts, but contacts do not work well when staring at a screen for longer periods of time. We tend to blink less when playing video games and my eyes dry out quicker with contacts on :tired_face:


When I put mine on, my eyelashes touch the lenses. And I am myopic and hyperopia so what I see when I put the Pimax on is mostly blurred… since I can’t put my glasses on.

So how is it that you can cram in glasses through it? My eyes don’t even protrude… and the cushion that comes with the unit certainly doesn’t do much comfort wise… is there a dial somewhere to shift the lenses in and out?

No. Many people have thickened the facepad in some way: Adding a second cushion, using layers of double-sided Velcro, etc. Unfortunately, that can increase lens distortion (or sometimes reduce it).

My facepad is ~14 mm at the thickest part and I wear my small-framed reading glasses inside the headset. There is just enough clearance so the glasses don’t touch the Pimax lenses. However, when I left the headset to peer at my PC, my glasses lenses often touch the facepad and I have to remove everything and clean my glases, several times each session.

I mean, it’s 2019… And we are still struggling with this issue? LOL

WMR headsets have made this a non issue. Sad to think that we have to rely on 3rd party solutions for issues that should have been addressed in the design phase.

Was hoping that VR cover would be the solution but I contacted them the other day and the reply was disappointing. They said they are not working on anything Pimax related.


Why doesn’t Pimax work with VR Optician at on a solution for this?
They seem to produce lenses for the Rift, Vive and Odyssey etc.
@anon74848233, @Sean.Huang

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Soooooo… nearsighted AND farsighted. So is that one for each eye or some combination of the two?

For some reason my brain took it to the extreme and made the following character… Cornea Man!

  • Perfect vision in ranges less than 1m and greater than 2m. Everything in the 1-2m range is a black abyss.
  • Entire FOV is always in sharp focus except the center 30 degrees, also a black abyss.
  • EDIT: FOV in the center is somehow replaced with the view in the opposite direction (back of head).

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Both eyes… Wait though, what is that? Black abyss in the 1-2m range? Then all I see will be black?

That Pimax has a pretty severe case of black dot.

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I have similar issues although I do not wear glasses: the Pimax is too close to my face and i can feel my eyelashes touching the Pimax lenses sometimes. Image is not perfect and lens can get foggy or dirty also.
I’ve noticed that pulling the Pimax forward a little stops this “contact” but also improves the image (less distortion).
So I am definitely ordering some extra padding/foam layer to increase thickness.

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I recommend double-sided Velcro, if you only need a thin “shim” layer. It stacks on top of itself and attaches to the other Velcro. I have 1 layer across the top of the HMD, between the face-pad and the housing. 1 layer adds ~1-2mm to the face-pad thickness.

I actually learned this tip from others on this forum, so thanks to them!


Investigating a bit further it seems that I only need to thicken the lower part of the headset so that it kind of tilts upwards (or maybe more vertical). But i need to add a lot, like 10mm.
I noticed there is also quite a bit of light polluting the image coming from those side openings for people wearing spectacles.