Glasses cut out on thin face foam?

When I received my 8KX it only came with what I thought was the thick face foam with glasses cutouts. I opened a ticket and requested the thin face foam as I could not get a clear picture despite IPD adjustment etc.

Just received my thin face foam and it looks very similar to what my 8KX shipped with, including the glasses cutouts. Does that sound right or did I get shipped the wrong face foam?


You can see what the two foams look like here: Pimax VISION 8KX UNBOXING - The Final 8K X is here! - YouTube (3:20 min mark)

Both foams have indents on the sides, but the thick/glasses one has the indent go all the way to the edge.

Thin (12mm) on the left. Thick (18mm) on the right.


Thank you for clarifying!!

No problem. So did you get two thins? From what I’ve noticed, it seems like the thick foam is the one that is scarce.

Yes it seems like I did. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get an acceptable level of clarity with what i now know was the thin foam. Maybe I’ll try to double it up and see if it’s better or not. I’m having so many frustrating issues getting the 8KX to work…