Glare on 5K BE/XR

Glare was never really an issue with my 5K BE / XR but since the last firmware update it has been really bad. For example at MoH it can be seen very strongly.

Thats why I am still on V1.0.1.180.Beta , never touch a running Pimax xD

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Doesnt the latest Firmware allow to adjust the Backlight on the BE/XR?

Good question, I would like to know that aswell :thinking:.

My understanding is that it does. Sweviver posted about what the latest firmware does. It does mention that the Backlight is applicable to all Pimax headsets. I have yet to try it

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I don’t mean the Pitool but the headset firmware.

The XR is OLED, so there is no backlight to adjust.


I tried it on my BE/XR and seems to work. Try on yours

With previous Firmware the XR was dark and had a strong red tint. The latest Firmware v269 brings it almost up to Vive Pro levels in respect to color and brightness (almost, still not there!)

When having backlight on 0 (god knows why?!) and Contrast R +1, G +1 B +2 you get best brightness and color reproduction. The XR is now really usable and I prefere it over the 8KX in dark games like HL Alyx or In Death!

I could imagine that any glare is much mor visible with bright colors. Especially having real white instead of a darker reddish white.

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I found out that you have to set the backlight to 14 so that it fits fairly well with the Pitool .266.
Where can I get the .269 from?

After installing PiTool 266, there was a update notification for the firmware on the 5k XR. I installed it and then ended up with FW269 (pervious FW was 255).

After rebooting the HMD (unplug might be best), the following settings make the closest image to the Vive Pro: Backlight 0 (brightest setting), Contrast R+1, G+1, B+2
If this is too bright for you try Contrast R+1. G0, B+1

The red tint is gone as well! It makes the XR a quite good headset, once you get the perfect real life view dialed in with IPD wheel and offset (this took me 2 months). I still use it a lot in certain games (e.g. HL Alyx) next to the 8kX and a Vive Pro

Hello, you are lucky, I also have the XR but I did not see the difference.
I would have preferred a slider that allows you to modify the brightness of the pimax instead of the one for the backlight which is useless and causes the XR to crash.

Version: 270

  1. Fix black screen issue on some 5K Super headsets.
  2. Fixing low brightness problem on 5K XR headset

[R270 Firmware] (
and the latest firmware v269 are different versions?

Hi komisch,

Have your problem been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


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