Ghosting Report using latest piplay

Dear Pimax Family,

Long story short, I have spoken to the int’ director at Pimax, she proposed to use latest drivers to solve the ghosting issue.

My Pimax 4K Serial: 10071170802599

So here is the report:
After patiently waiting long time to see a great improvement to the ghosting issues following the promise from Pimax to improve that with drivers/firmwares, I have tried the latest piplay setup/drivers. Well, If I don’t move my head, no ghosting. But if I move my head its like the ghosting “Follow up” the image. So the ghosting is pretty strong still, even in the latest drivers setup.

And it is very well noticeable, lets say you move your head to the left side, the transparent grey ghosting is like lagging behind the image it self and follows it.

Anyone found a solution to this? or its a factual issue which cannot be solved?

Little history teller: My first Pimax 4K was defected out of the box (hairs and blue lines all over the screen), Pimax support was very awesome to handle this situation, once confirmed it is indeed hardware defect, the first one shipped back for RMA and Pimax sent back an replacement into a new one, the new one that was delivered was “an old batch” with a tiny little hair on one of the eyes, I got a special permission to take the device into an optical qualified LAB to clean this hair, which was cleaned with a success, Pimax credited me for the cleaning costs. However, I been told that ghosting issues should be barely visible and shall be improved even further with updates to come. In my case, ghosting at this point with the latest drivers is still very very well visible in 360 mode where I need to move my head. So I hope Pimax engineers got any software/firmware level optimization for it, otherwise, its pretty discomfy experience.

And to add additional confirmation:
This lagging/dragging grey ghosting appears also on Piplay official showtime app. As much as I want to ignore it, Its far too disturbing the eyes tbh. I been waiting penitently for a long time as to promise from Pimax to optimize the ghosting issues with drivers/firmware updates, yet so far, it didn’t improve, hence this thread opened.


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@Pimax-Support @anon23564932 @jascjazz @Heliosurge

Piplay version is atm best for ghosting. Its still there of course. I find if you move your head slowly it’s not too bad.

But yes hopefully they can trim it up better.

Hi @Heliosurge, I am using the latest version, honestly, I would like to see Pimax engineers (which I know they are great and very smart!) be able to offer a ghost solution within 3.x version of their software. Rather than using an old out-dated software. I would wait and see their official response. I have just now tried again run ShowTime and this dragging ghosting is simply nothing you can ignore, even if you want, its tackling into your eyes.

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Best example is Unity Chan it demos how good it can be when well programmed. Pressing spacebar shows stats.

In Steam The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR dlc ghosting is decent except when seeing the ghosts stationary with your head movements.

But yeah. Hopefully soon they might have time to look into possible ideas on a fix.

@Heliosurge, thanks for the above info, this “dancing girl” also gives a pretty noticeable dragging ghosting, nothing that you can ignore (in my case), besides ghosting, there is one more little thing, do you also experience kind of tiny jumps? I can see it both in ShowTime and SteamVR environment. When you move your head around at times instead of a smooth, slick move you experience a jump of the whole picture. Hope I explain it clearly

In version 2.0.5 & the ghosting was less. In Unity chan only mainly noticed it in the columns (blacklines around colored cubes shift.)

As for lag skips? Haven’t observed that in my old build
Fx6300 16gigs Ram
2x7950 cf
Win10 Home
I5-6500 16gigs Ram
r9 390 8gig
Win10 Pro

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