Get good sounding KDMAS without the adaptor

Congratulations you just bought the KDMAS. you plug it in and set it up and notice. huh the audio is lacking. and there’s practically no bass. you look into the box more and notice an adaptor cable. and just decide to plug the KDMAS into that and you notice the audio sounds a ton better. But now you have a loose cable on the headset that’s kind of awkward and too long but also too short at the same time.
i have a way to make the KDMAS have good sounding audio without the need for the adaptor and save that for the Artisan like it was intended seeing as the Artisan only has 1 audio port.

Step 1

open up the control panel. this can be done by pressing the windows key and in the search bar typing “Control Panel”

Step 2

Select “Hardware and Sound” then click on “Sound”

Step 3

congratulations now you have this tiny popup window should look something like this
find the one that is the Pimax headset (it should be labled USB Audio Device and a speaker like what is shown in the image if not you can right click and hit “Test” to help determine the device. it should make a chime noise

Step 4

once you have determined which audio device is your Pimax headset. double click it (or right click and select “Properties”) In this new window that appears select “Enhancements” it should look like this picture.
Next you should check the box that says “Loudness Equalization” this uses the understanding of the Human ears to reduce perceived volume differences. This will make your KDMAS audio sound louder and more sharp. Next thing you should do is check the box that says “Bass Boost” this will give the KDMAS a higher bass without the need for the adaptor. while Bass Boost is highlighted select “Settings” a new window should appear.
set the frequency to 50 Hz so that lower notes have a slight boost so it can be more clear.
next change the Boost Level I recommend between 15 to 21. If not the bass will still be lacking. but at 24 the bass will be all that you can hear. But that is up to personal taste and preference. Once you have those settings selected, click “Apply” then click “ok” that should close out the first window. then you click “OK” on the window that is left and that should close out that window as well.
now congratulations! now you have a crisp nice sounding KDMAS without the need for the audio splitter (unless you are on an Artisan because that only has 1 audio jack)

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You can also use the Bass Boost settings to reduce the bass in the KDMAS by changing the frequency to a high or a mid if you find the bass too loud

Nice workaround but I have all of the enhancements disabled because I use Dolby atmos for headphones

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This worked better than I thought! I generally dont like sound enhancements. It just sounds like I have somewhat better clarity too, which I wasnt expecting.

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