Genius Guardian Boundary System -Stop Sign VR

I just tried this and holy cow this ia life altering.

If @arminelec or @SweViver could add something like this to Pimax by default that would be nuts. Especially for oculus games.

But either way this app is amazing.

I have been waiting for a feature like this for years! I have a 7 ft. high ceiling in my basement play space, and near the front of it a 1 ft ventilation shaft which hangs below.

I am 5’ 10" you see where i’m going with this.

The default boundary lets you set the wall height but does nothing to show you when you are going to hit the ceiling. especially the drop down air vent that’s 2 inches above my head.

I’ve always wondered why these guardian systems don’t let you put ceilings on your play space or draw geometric shapes around things like furniture.

With this app you Can!!!

I have never felt so free in VR ever. I had to return 2MD football because I could never throw the ball in confidence. now I can.

I love how you can adjust each boundary’s look and sensitivity and that alert feature that throw up stop signs when you are about to hit something. (even from behind) is incredible

Finally I can go all out playing bowling games.

Now for the negative…its a bit rough around the edges but i’m sure it will improve. Currently alot of settings can only be adjusted via the desktop app which is accessible via tray icon in the taskbar. (You can access it in VR by using the Virtual Desktop from steam)

Also would be nice if you could customise each box within VR as well.

Also being able to set opacity of the boxes individually would be nice.

But these are minor things … I sense great things for this app going forward… this has now become my #1 essential overlay.


Thanks for the tip, i’m going to give this a try.


Save the ceiling fan! :laughing:


Here is link for it. On sale and cheap.

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Thanks , I should have mentioned that. Best 5 bucks i ever spent.

I love how you can place boxes around things in your space.

Especially when its smaller.

For example I have a couch which is perfectly usable to swing your arms over

placing a boundary there is great because I can now see it there allowing me to move around a bit without having to worry anymore.

It serious has bothered me for so long that none of the headsets did something like this before.

Especially the quest which can obviously map the room and my ceiling. I’m shocked they don’t allow you to draw the boundary anywhere but the floor.

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Great. I have a pretty small space and need my nose gap to have a clue. Just what I need


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