Gearbest Germany already selling Pimax 8k at bargain

just curious :slight_smile: found this:

How is this possible? Do they already have distribution for germany? And if so, how come that the price for the whole package is kinda non-backer bargain? also odd that the price shows on firefox but not on safari.

Look closely and you’ll see you can’t purchase it. None are in stock. The English version of GearBest also has the same and it’s been there for almost a year. Why it’s listed we don’t know but it’s never been available to purchase.


‘Der erste VR-Helm mit 8K super auflösend LCD, schockt Sie gut’

Geiler Scheiß :smiley:


Has anyone noticed that they’ve even put the price for the full set (lighthouses, controllers and what appears to be an “Oculus-type” tracking camera?.. :fearful:

PIMAX 8K VR 3D Brille

€665.81 kostenloser Versand

Gearbest China had them on the site a long while back too. Then someone on these forums moaned about it and a couple of days later, it was removed from the site,

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