GDC 2018 - Unity / Unreal support more VR/AR headsets

Unity have announced export support for Magic Leap, Oculus Go, Daydream Standalone and Google Play instant. . It might be worth somebody at Pimax banging an email over to the game engine devs with native Pimax export options so that it is ready on release.

Checkout this real-time rendering from Unity! Stunning!

Unity GDC Roadmap: Unity Unveils 2018 Roadmap at GDC | Unity Blog

Unreal Engine will be showcasing from tomorrow too: Epic Games goes big at GDC 2018 - Unreal Engine. Unreal has added an AR template and associated SDK and also export support for Vive Pro.

For those interested in VR announcements and talks then this weeks GDCVR schedule is here: