Games detect the nolo base station on a side instead of centre!

I recently found this problem on steam VR.
Each game detects my base station on either of a bit left or a bit right side.
My base station is getting difficulty in tracking controllers if i rotate a lot.
The screenshot attached is taken while i face exactly on the base station.
Notice that the area which needs to be in the centre is actually positioned to right.
Pressing power button twice doesn’t work,Moving the base station doesn’t work.
Is there a solution??


I don’t have Nolo so can’t tell you for sure, but maybe if you use Advanced Settings you can rotate the game to the correct center position.

When you center the controllers by pressing the ctrl(or home of whatever) button on them twice, doesn’t the base station placing updates to a more correct position? It does with me. (got 2.1 firmware I think)

I don’t know how to do it.can you explain