Game Controller

With a Radeon RX 480 Pimax is connected so fare (only use one Monitor). But when trying to connect a game controller (Xbox 360) within SteamVR there I’m noted that my headset is not connected properly and I have to do this first to go on further.

To run the pimax headset you need to Open PiPlay. Once your headset is connected in Piplay.

Open steam then click on VR to enter steamvr.

The headset works (Google EarthVR) but I’m not able to connect a game controller because the headset isn’t connected properly enough :wink:

Thats a vive controller shown. Regular Steam/xbox etc work fine

It is a XBox Controller (Logitech Gamepad F710). To me it seems not the controller is the problem. When I try to connect a controller via the windows on the bottom left (SteamVR) of the picture I get the message that the headset is not connected properly enough and therefore it is not possible to go on further and connect the game controller.

Your game controller is connected by default in steam. Steamvr’s controllers is representing motion controllers like vive.

Launch steam without steamvr your comtroller will work fine.

When you launch steamvr the only connected device in the desktop window will be the headset.

In the headset you should see steamvr enviroment. Pressing home on controller will open steam dashboard in headset

Yes, connected without steamvr the controller works fine. But I can’t launch the steam dashboard in the headset. And when I choose a point in the menu of the steamvr window the pc will crash. But anyway thank you for your advices.

Did you fix this? I’m getting the same issue.