Front HMD (8K) light config

Hi guys, I do not know if this had been posted but I could not find it. Is there a way to control the HDM front light ??, when it is working is always blinking and when it is not working but power on it is always blue. Is there a way to be playing without the front light on ??? Thanks. :sunglasses:



No, it’s not possible to control it. I read it’s blinking when using parallel projection and solid otherwise.


In future said will have some control options. Blinking pp. When not in use best to unplug wall adapter(what I do)

Me too (unplugged adaptor), but I do not like the light always on and blinking, hope in future Pitools fix this or at least control it. Some kind of heat source (light always on).

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Shouldn’t generate much heat being leds. & only really viewable for those not in vr. But yeah an option to control will be better once implemented. I just hope these are still RGB like the v2.