Free 6DOF Motion Platform (Atlanta GA, USA area)

I don’t know if this is allowed and if not, Admin please delete. There is a company in Duluth GA called “VR Space Experience” you can see there business Facebook page here: VR Space Experience

They went out of business about a year ago and have been trying to sell off their VR equipment. I purchased a bunch of equipment from them for pennies on the dollar for my own personal usage. The owner wants to turn the space into a restaurant but still have some VR motion equipment they need to get rid of so they are offering it for free, YES ABSOLUTELY FREE or COME GET IT SITUATION.

Here are detail on the main two piece they are looking to get rid of.

  1. The 1st piece is called “The Army Tank” and it holds 6 people and it’s a 6DOF platform with some serious linear actuators. I checked out this platform while I purchasing my gear. It has the right digital electronics to be easily converted using Thanos AMC controller. Once you remove all the Tank plastic pieces and seats you are left with a flat 10’ x 11’ platform which can be used as a 6DOF motion style system. It can handle weighs of 1100 lbs but it is 220v 20 to 35amp circuit.

  2. The 2nd piece is the 12 person 9D Cinema Motion interactive platform. It’s also a 6DOF Linear Actuation platform similar to the first one I described. Also 220v 20 to 35 Amp circuits.

Watch this video and you will see the two platforms in action:
We had a blast during our grand opening on Saturday! Thank you to everyone that came to support us! ❤️ #gaming #oculus #ps #game #virtualrealitygames... | By VR Space Experience | Facebook

These platforms have low hours because the company only lasted about a year before going under so they are in outstanding condition but they are heavy and require space but they can be used for either commercial or personal if you have the room for them like I do.

You can DM me if you have detail questions or I can put you in touch with the owners but you must move quickly because they want the stuff out of the building.

I’m making no money off this or do I have any business interest with this company just thought I would let you all know about this opportunity to mod one hell of a 6DOF platform.

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I will take it! Please do put me in touch with the owners! I’ll DM you with my contact information.

EDIT: Man, the logistics of picking this thing up are crazy. If anyone else is interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to OP, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pick it up after all.

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