FPS Capture Software While In VR?

What software especially freeware can be used to capture average and max FPS results while playing/using a VR game/sim and to be viewed and translated afterwards as a graph/bars?

I’m overclocking the 1080ti and want to compare the difference between stock and OC’d settings.

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Not sure on freeware side but fpsvr is under $10 and wirks well.

However you want to capture the video without the fps details present?

There are Benchmarks that could show how well your stock vs overclock. Iirc Openvr benchmark is the name if a free one.

SteamVR I believe also has an option to show fps.

Where is OpenVR benchmark found, link? Want to play a VR game/sim while benchmarking/capturing the FPS, then save the data. Repeat the process while GPU is OC’d. Then compare the two results.

This us OpenVR Benchmark. But don’t believe it is what your looking for as it os independent of other games/programs.

Now you might be able to use obs as I think youtubers use it.

You might also be able to use steamvr mirror with a screen recorder to capture fpsvr

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This old topic has links to free vr content. Near bottom I had started creating topics organizing them in Category topics.

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OpenVR Benchmark is what I’m looking for.



Cool 2 posts up a link.
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Not available on nGreedier website. I downloaded from another site. Tried it didn’t record any data. I pressed the capture key which is NUM lock.


Oh… Never used it myself, so I’m not help, I’m afraid.

…one might have thought such a big company would be able to maintain a download page… :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried OpenVR Benchmark and it’s NOT what I’m looking for.

Any others? Basically a program that can take the average and max FPS when a VR game/sim is played and show it as a graph afterwards, like this youtube video .

Ah, I figured we were talking a frame-by-frame graph, like the advanced frame timing window in SteamVR… :7

No idea what Gamer’s Nexus et al. uses, and never do any benchmarking myself, but I assume whatever timing info it may be that you can tell SteamVR to save, from the “Developer” section of settings, can probably be imported into any spreadsheet program, or something…

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CapFrameX is what I was looking for.

When I ran the iRacing UI the FPS dropped to 40 FPS average for some reason, IDK. I launched iRacing through the web browser classic method and done some benchmarking. Below are the results @ Daytona Road @ night in Test Session:

Do you have a link for the program?



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Thank you!

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