Foveated Compression for Wireless VR

Not sure if Pimax or their eye-tracking/wireless module development partners are aware, but DisplayLink is developing foveated compression which takes advantage of eye-tracking data to understand where to compress the frame the most and where to leave it sharp. In doing so, the company claims some pretty huge gains in compression efficiency.

“Beyond just maintaining consistent imagery under situations of reduced bandwidth, there’s also the need to be more efficient with compression so that larger frames for future headsets with higher resolution can fit in the same available bandwidth.”



I’m pretty sure Pimax is already talking to DisplayLink as they seem like the people to talk regarding wireless VR… :upside_down_face:


Hope so! Can’t wait for eye tracking and foveated rendering, wireless and hand-tracking - all together. Would be amazing!


If pimax gets wireless, I will for sure NOT get the index especially since thats apparently gonna have Vive Pro res. However, I will probably go for the index if it has wireless.

So pimax, any updates on wireless since this is essential to a lot of us? @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu