For those who own one: can we get some absolute information on the 8KX displays?


I’ve been doing a lot of reading/watching on the 8KX here lately, as many of us have been. One thing that I have been particularly confused by is the difference of opinion regarding the colors, contrast, brightness and black levels of the 8KX displays. There are some (ex: Mixed Reality TV, Cas & Cherry) who are claiming them to be equal to the 5K+ in most of these regards, which itself was inferior to the Index. There are some others here on the forums as well as on Youtube (such as Matthew Hines, from what I can tell), however, that are of the opinion that the colors are superior to previous models such as the 5k+. I don’t expect OLED type color or black levels, of course, but I am hopeful that the displays of the 8KX will meet or exceed the capabilities of the Valve Index in terms of color reproduction at base (without blowing out the contrast, etc).

Individuals at the Index subreddit seem to have managed to determine the brightness and contrast measurements of the Index displays. For those of you who currently possess 8KX units, could you obtain similar objective measurements for the displays of the 8KX? I feel like this information could prove very useful. (Even better, if someone who owns all Pimax HMDs could gather this information for us, I have a colorimeter back home I could potentially donate, if that could help)


AFAIK no one has 8k-X at the moment. All three headsets out there are pre-production samples.

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I do understand this much; I’m currently under the impression that the displays themselves are final, though, as its been stated in interview that the 8K+ and 8KX will be utilizing the same panels, and the 8K+ is already shipping.

If the panels could change substantially in the 8KX between now and the point where they begin shipping out, that is something I would be very interested in hearing about.


But the panels are 100% the same as the 8k+ from what I understood?


Good point, I didn’t realize that. But I would still be cautious about anything is said now, before we see the real production samples.


Displays maybe final; however they might still optimize the panels further. Best to wait and see if @SweViver can maybe test the final unit and if possible get authorization if possible to release some info like color gamut and contrast details.

Marcin or others whom may get advanced final model may have tools like @neelrocker has to test some ranges otherwise.


I heard that production model will be munch improved . As we are living in p(l)andemia era expecting temp sensor, antibacterial/virus face pad , panels with tech getting extremely hot when they detecting covid and ofcourse electronic calling sanitary facilities in shadow mode…

So excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have they announced when they’re gonna ship the 8kx now btw?

@PimaxUSA, do you think we could possibly get information on the color space of the 8KX display panels in the upcoming Pimax Now event? This is what I mean, for example:

This post claims that the 5K+ can reach ~87% of the sRGB colorspace. For comparison, the Oculus Rift S can reach 95%, and the Valve Index can reach nearly all of it (~99%). I am curious to know if the 8KX covers all of the sRGB colorspace as well, just as the Valve Index does. These values can be measured using a colorimeter.


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