For those who have got their eye-tracking modules

Hi, everyone. As some of you are probably aware, for the past few weeks, my colleagues and I are giving the first three batches of 8KX backers a follow-up phone call to make sure that they are doing okay with their 8KX headsets and try to help out when some of them got problems. Almost all of them were so nice on the phone and we really appreciate it so much! Thank you, 8KX backers!

This week, we heard that among 250 customers who ordered and already got eye tracking modules, many of them have troubles making it work. This is a serious problem! We decided to get in touch with those customers and try to fix that.

Yesterday, a questionnaire has been sent to you by e-mail, if you have time, please check that and provide any information you’d like us to know there, that will be extremely helpful!

Also, from today, we will give some of you a phone call to directly listen to and record your problems so we can see what we can do to improve things.

Please be nice to us on the phone. We just want to help here. Thank you~ :blush:


please keep in mind that some people might prefer to be contacted by connectionless communication like email (different time zone might be one of the reasons)
phone calls might not be 1st choice for some people, especially when you try to reach them in the middle of the night (in there time zone)
good documentation might be more useful then phone calls or team viewer sessions (for both sides)

Yeah, sure. You are right! We’ll absolutely keep that in mind. Thank you very much for telling us this. :grinning:To be honest, we prefer emails too because it’s a better way to record people’s problems without any missing information. And don’t worry about the time zone difference. We already thought about that and if we are going to make a phone call, we will make sure that the time is suitable for our customers. :blush:

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