For those of us who are purchasing the HMD only, what do we need for 6DoF?

I have pledged for the Pimax 8K HMD only, no base stations or controllers.

I have already purchased a Vive lighthouse with the intention of using it for 6DoF. My question is do I need any other devices or hardware for this to work? Does the Pimax HMD only come with the link box, or will I need to purchase one to use with the lighthouse and the HMD for 6DoF?


Should work out of the box . Link box is currently not available for sell and is not required in order to work.

Brilliant thanks. I had a wee moment there where I thought I needed to get a link box to be ready to use with by already purchased lighthouse.

You can add $75+$10 ×2 to your kickstarter pledge to get 2 newer basestations from pimax…pretty much the same price as 1 older version Vive lighthouse


Whats the $10 for exactly? Is that extra shippipng?

Yeah. Says it on the kickstarter below all of the options *on the campaign page.

You only bought 1 light house? You will need 2 unless you are using the hmd for seated, front facing games like Elite Dangerous or Assetto Corsa ONLY. But you will want room scale. Also you are going to want controllers. Its possible that when we receive our hmd’s, Valve’s knuckle controllers will be out, but not likely. You can always buy Vive wands for $130 a pop…

Yup. I had Vive and then bought touch but got tired of room scale quick. Just buying the 1 tracker for driving and ED. Your right though the Valve knuckles and Pimax 8K will be a killer mix. Im pretty sure Valve will time it with the 8K launch

They say one is enough. They have 360º with one lighthouse.

I had a Rift CV1 with touch controllers for a while until it broke out of warranty. I was very underwhelmed with roomscale and the touch controllers. For me sitting cockpit VR is the only thing of interest, so 1x lighthouse will suffice. To be honest when my CV1 broke, not for one second did I think of replacing it with anything other than a HMD with much superior IQ.

This is where Pimax 8K comes in.

I have the exact same opinion. My rift broke after 8 months and although it was a good taste for VR there was no way I would ever buy another one

Even if the 8K can give 20% better picture quality and no god rays Ill be happy

If your adding $75 for the extra tracker make sure you add $10 for the shipping. Cheers

Two will be better, it’s not just about the headset it’s more about the controllers, how are you gonna use them with your back turned against the base station?

I would absolutely not use only one base station.

If you plan to use roomscale and controllers then yes, 2x lighthouses are preferable. If, like me you only plan to do sitting VR cockpit games, then 1x lighthouse will suffice. As long as you position it so no peripherals interrupt line of sight to the lighthouse there should be no issues with tracking loss.