For lower spec of pc (gtx 1070, amd fx 8350) I found that the small fov + super sampling 500% is very impressive

When I try the small fov with 500% super sampling with my gtx 1070, I still can play a lot of game such as

1 “Archangle” (black screen while loading in beginning, but after that everything look great),
2.“Serious Sam : The last hope” I can see the enemy in the long distance (you have to play until stage 4 and everything look better. With bigger fov, when enemy stay at long distance I found that it will have some white layer until all enemy move closed to you.
3 lucky tale and other,

There is wobble in some game when you turning head so fast.

I found that this make the real clarity for 5k+, every thing look clear.
In first week, I alway use the normal fov because I think the small fov is too small for the next gen of headset and I still don’t like the shape of small fov.

But when I use headset for a week and try to use small fov, I think it still be acceptable but when I boost the super sampling to 500%, wow the clarity is so great and I don’t have to annoy about distortion effect.

I think may I will use this setting for better experience until I upgrade my pc and can set performance for normal fov.

Recommend to try it by yourself.

p.s. I still can set PiTool at 1.25 quality, but I think 1 is enough.


Just test Serious Sam3 , very great!! Game play very smooth.

Also see if you can get to test the beta brainwarp 1.0 as pimax have said that it should improve mid range cards overall vr performance


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I think so, wait to test it.
But I ship my headset to other backer in my country to test right now for the final decision.
May get back in 2 weeks.

I hope brainwarp can make me to use normal fov with clarity like the small fov.

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