FlyInside Flight Simulator Open Beta

FlyInside are starting their Open Beta for their new flight sim on the 12th October if any one is interested.

It has Vulkan and multi cpu core support.

Fingers crossed it should run pretty good on our new headsets.

Maybe @SweViver could take a look and give it test?

For more info go to their site:


“The FlyInside trial is free, fun, and fully functional! However, VR flights are limited to fifteen minutes at a time.”

That’s enough to make a video :blush:

“Leap Motion supported” - That sounds interesting

“multiplayer” - Yeah!


The graphics looks even more dated than FSX. Not very promising.


I know people who have tried the beta and comment that it makes an excellent use of cpu and gpu and that in the Vive Pro keeps 90 fps in high quality without problems even in cities.


That’s because the scenery is bare. Looks like fs98.

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Give them a couple of years and it’ll probably be good.


Looks promising, I hope they will survive few years to make their sim realized to it’s full potential. I admit I did not thought the graphic looked that great, but let’s be honest, this is a new sim, written from the ground up so it should take few years to reach maturity.

I think I’ll support it by purchasing it, once my HMD will arrive (no reason to buy it if you do not have an HMD), from the short demo it seems they try to make VR handling as “native” as can be, so :+1:.
Please do remember that if they will succeed it is a gain to all VR simmers and since VR is a small niche I suggest to purchase it just to encourage them.

Cheers and thanks for this update.

Hope so as from the ground VR makes for a much better performance. Aerosoft FS2 VR is ahead in development and offers a lot of the same advantages. Performance is excellent in VR. The more new sims the better.

I would like to see Xplane 11 with pimax leap montion device @SweViver , please chceck this vid

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