Flight Simulation Pilots! ✈️

Dear pilots!

Our team is collecting user feedback on gameplay/overall performance with DCS World and X-Plane 11 for potential optimizations. If you have much experience with any of those simulations, it would be very helpful if you could share your feedback.

Please include the HMD model, PC setup, title name, and Feedback especially the points that really need optimization and that would be great to improve.

Many thanks! :kissing_cat:


Why not including MSFS2020?

It’s not a flight- , only a landscape and update simulator?! :joy:

@hammerhead_gal - for me DCS are mostly ok, but in XPlane the greatest killer are PP is needed.
But i think, this is a XP Devs / handshake with SteamVR problem.

10850k@5GHz, 32Gb@3800, RTX Titan unlocked to 420Watt, 8kx

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Actuallywe contacted the Asobo Studio to seek adaptation,but they don’t have such plan at the moment

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Waiting for more feedbacks :wink:

Thanks@dstar For you, is PP also needed for DCS?

Not really. In some nightflys the shadows looks a little bit better, thats all.

The only and biggest prob in DCS is, it use only two processor cores.
Time for vulcan.

I think the reason is MS is pushing the HP G2. when I hard that I thought to myself I smell a rat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.