Flickering dots on PIMAX5k+

I’m now experiencing the apparently known issue of flickering RGB dots on my PIMAX 5K+ (ORDER P125256

I tried tinfoil around the cable and reseating the cable multiple times but no luck.
In fact dots are not present, or very few at the beginning but after some minutes under steam VR they are very present.

How can I have some help with this please?


This sounds like a cable issue. I have had 2 cables go on my 5K+ the same way. If it is the cable you will know soon enough. It will get worse.

Have you opened a ticket?

VR tether cables will eventually fail. It’s not a Pimax specific problem. It happens with all VR headsets. On my Index, I was going through a cable every six months like clockwork (I use VR a lot). And recently I had my first Pimax cable failure (with the fiberoptic cable) at 7 months.

By the way, it turns out that Pimax only has a 6 month warranty on accessories.

Once the sparkles start, if cleaning and reseating doesn’t work, then that cable is on its way out. It will get worse until it eventually can’t connect at all.

The only remedy is a new cable.

I actually purchase and keep a spare on hand because tether cables are a wear item.

Ok… cable is a wear item, surprising.
So I’ll need a new cable, but in pimax amazon’s store they ran out of 5k plus cables… is it compatible with optical fiber cable?

No. But the 5 meter standard cable the 5K+ will work with is currently in stock on the Pimax website.

Something interesting I just noticed while looking at this, however, is that the fiberoptic cable entry on Pimax’s website has new text:

Not for the power adapter supply model and 8KX DMAS version.

The fiberoptic cable doesn’t work with the new revision 8KX?!! Is that actually true?

The 5m cable is unavailable to me…

If you couldn’t resolve the issue , you may need to submit a ticket to our helpdesk.
Somehow, Our technician will be help you to diagnose the tracking problem.


5K+ cable shows in stock when I look. Just got a new one 2 wks back

Before you buy a new one, check Amazon, I got it 30% off u should too. This was right after waiting for 5 days for Pimax to get me a code for a discount, which didn’t work.

Yeah, that’s the plan. 98$ with shipping… I’ll wait a little to see if it comes back to be available on amazon.
BTW I’ve checked the cable and it bent 90° around the corner of a furniture . Since I’ve unbent it it works better, but with still some flickering. But at least it’s playable now.

I’m on my 3rd, they are terrible for the price you pay! one tip, buy the amazon insurance its £10 for 3years, hopefully I can use that succesfully next time, under a year they lasted, and I hadnt used the newer one for 6 months before it suddeny gave me the snow show. few weeks later it goes black after ten mins of play :frowning:

3rd cable as well here and it has tons of snow. I have just been living with it. I wish they would release a better cable. My Vive and Vive Pro I never had to replace the cable once. I still use my Vive Pro which I got before the Pimax and going on 4 years now it still works great on the original cable. I use my Vive Pro a lot more for room scale it is in the living room and guests have stepped on it all the time. My Pimax sits in my game room next to the simulator rigs, never gets used for room scale and the cables still go bad.

So now after posting this my flickering has gotten even worse and the headset even blacked out a few times. So I want to order a new cable. Out of stock on Amazon and the Pimax store won’t ship to my US address. I get the message:

“There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help”

So annoying how bad these cables are and now I can’t even buy one because everyone has probably ordered at least 3 by this point.

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Are you sure this is a cable thing ?

do you have a pully system ?

I think this must be frustrating for you.
did you expose you lenses to sunlight at a point ?

I guess you did change you gpu and lowerd you system settings of the hmd …?

Are you sure this is a cable thing ?

Yes I am sure it is the cable. Like I said I am on my 3rd cable now. When the cable was new it works fine. Also multiple people have reported issues with the cables on the 5k units.

do you have a pully system ?

I do not use any pulley systems. The Pimax is primarily used for sim racing and there is hardly any strain on the cable.

I think this must be frustrating for you.
did you expose you lenses to sunlight at a point ?

The headset is in my basement in a room with no windows and has never seen sunlight.

I guess you did change you gpu and lowerd you system settings of the hmd …?

I have multiple PCs and it has the same issue on my main PC with 3080 and my backup PC with 1080 Ti.

Also just an update I got a response from support they no longer have any cables in stock and are unsure when they will get any.


Sad to hear this ! As they are not that cheap.
I did change from copper to fibre, that made a huge difference for me.much better t.b.h…

so how long do they last approx. on your end ?

You must have an 8KX. Fiber is not an option for us with 5K headsets unfortunately.

They last roughly about 1 year before they start slowly going bad. Obviously this is just a vague estimate as some people have had them go bad sooner and some last longer. I have lived with my current one for 2 years now. But it recently got extremely bad and the headset was turning off. Luckily I still had my old cable which only has snow issue. So the headset is working but it has the snow which you don’t notice as much in bright scenes but if you do anything dark it becomes very apparent. It is not ideal but I have no choicce but to live with it.

The 5k super has the same cable.
there are those with power adapter and those without it.

Ok well I have 5K+ and it only can use the cheap cable for now. Maybe they will come out with a better one but I doubt it.

Yes, that is actually true, i feel you.did you check the psu if it has the right voltage ect ?