Fixing Pimax's Smoothing (or lack therof). Motion+Compulsive smoothing

Orignally a reply to another thread about 1.12s update I thought I’d highlight these methods in general as I feel they are a critical part of getting the most out of your HMD when framerates are less that that of your HMD.

Disabling 1/3 motion smoothing:
@mbucchia has a method of disabling 1/3 motion smoothing with Pimax Smart Smoothing Tuner GitHub - mbucchia/Pimax-Smart-Smoothing-Tuner: An add-on to tune Pitool/Pimax Client smart smoothing.
Note that it even has a preset .reg file to allow for easy disabling of the 1/3 motion smoothing, but has the options to do other things such as change the thresholds with which it does use them at all.

Compulsive Smoothing Restored:
PimaxXR includes a CLI that allows you to reintroduce Compulsive Smoothing (even with steamVR in use so its not openxr specific). This is particularly useful with autohotkeys to allow you to switch while within games (some games such as DCS prevent autohotkeys from triggering so you may have to alt tab to allow them to pass)

The cli instructions are here pimax_cli · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR Wiki · GitHub
In particular:

dbg_force_framerate_divide_by # sets compulsive smoothing as it used to exist.

Both functions, while a little on the advanced side (no gui etc) are wonderful methods of recapturing what Pimax seems to have omitted with respect to frame rate control, an essential aspect of ideal VR use. Take a half hour and try them both!

@PimaxQuorra please consider restoring compuslive smoothing and allowing for disabling of 1/3 motion smoothing in your GUI. Perhaps as advanced functions. Also please consider allowing us to tie them to hotkeys so that we can enable them and disable them on the fly!



Thank you for the suggestions. I will make sure to pass them along to our software developers team. They will consider these suggestions and potentially reintroduce the settings to the Advanced Settings.


Wonderful! Thanks!

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I just updated to Client 1.13 and since the smart smoothing was as broken as client 1.12, I tried to download Pimax-Client-Smart-smoothing, but it didn’t work. (a dll was missing in the zip)
Asked on the discord, and according to mbucchia, “the only working build has expired and was deleted from the server”
I wanted to use this tool without using pimaxXr / OpenXrToolkit.


Check the page again, I uploaded a version for Pimax Client 1.13. I had to change the instructions for set up because Pimax changed the way they load their client DLL from the SteamVR driver.


Thank you very much, I will try that.

“libpvrclient64.dll” in system32 was indeed written : “LibPVRClient64.dll”. Can it have any importance?

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@mbucchia Ok so I tested the libpvrclient64.dll with this typo and the second file that was in the zip as well.
I tested it on ACC, but it didn’t work (90hz the 36 FPS / 45 FPS was still switching).
So I renamed to LibPVRClient64.dll, like the original file was named, restarted my computer, re started the skip 1div3 rate program, and tried it at 90hz with assetto corsa, automobilista 2, which seems to work ok (the 45 FPS seemed stable, but I could’t swear than I never had 36 fps, cause I did by pushing the supersampling to it’s limits) , but then with ACC, I noticed that as soon as the frame time was above 15 ms, I got 36 FPS smartsmoothing, and when I was under 15ms I got the 45 FPS I wanted.

So basically it looks like the 1/3 smart smoothing is not prevented from happening by this smart smoothing tuner. at least by my side (5 k+, 2080ti, 10700k)

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Im seeing 1.13 added the motion smoothing 1:3 back, but that the method of using the library from Pimax Tuner to disable 1:3 motion smoothing no longer works.

this post is just a polite bump to ask the devs to continue their consideration of allowing the (advanded) user to

Bring back compulsive smoothing
Disable/enable either 1:2 or 1:3 motion smoothing

That way we can pick what works for our particular app on our particular machine.

By default motion smoothing should just be on by default and enabled for 1:2 and 1:3, but an advanced menu should should allow for the other options (and hotkeys should be bound to those options so that we can change it on the fly).


Addendum: pimaxXR 4.0 now effectively has the compulsive smooth 1/2 option built in as a toggle in the main menu. Naturally its not called compulsive smoothing - because “compulsive” was likely poor localization/translation to begin with.

Relatedly: motion smoothing is still functional with PimaxXR + Piclient 1.13, except that currently you must have both the “divide frame rate…” (formerly known as compulsive smoothing) toggle on and the “prefere framerate over latency” toggle enabled (as well as motion smoothing in PiPlay set to on).

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