FIxed Foveated Rendering + Parallel Projection = pixelised image

I’ve try lot of game with FFR on my 5k+, and I don’t see the degraded zone (except in the home steamvr, where the degraded zone is really visible).
In Final assault the zone is visible but only if i try to see it, but in game I don’t see. The same on wardust.

But when I wanted to test Moss, I have to enabled the Parallel projection and all the image on the center is realy pixelised, as if the area of the ffr was reversed.

Did anyone else see this problem ? It’s an imcompatibility between FFR and PP ?


It might be a bug. I haven’t seen it in Elite Dangerous, which requires PP. I tried FFR, but I found the aliased crawling, sparkling artifacts around the edges of my view to be annoying, so I turned it off.

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so now that rtx is coming to pascal cards. You think this is why pimax said Fixed Foveated Rendering was coming to pascal at “a later date, pleas be advised”?


Possibility. Plus Nvidia would have known that Amd already has the Radeon Rays potential on there Vega cards at least.

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