Fix Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling

I did also used dlss ultra on hogwards legacy with no problems.
But its also runs with 4k ultra preset.I used Dlss before they did patch the game, now this runs native here, that is if i find the time to run it,…( want to play this for 2 weeks now,…)

So after careful analysis
HAGS just doesnt work with Pimax steamVR
It DOES however work with Oculus, so all of Luke Ross mods, your favorite Oculus games, anything that doesnt you piserver’s steam VR runtime could benefit from having the setting on. The performance benefit for Cyberpunk is a 50% uplift for me. 50%. 32FPS to 50FPS. Whats going on here?


you speak about use dlss3 where you need HAGS on to be used?right?

No just hags itself, but yeah dlss three needs hags. Im only saying Hags itselft give me 30-40% uplift.

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Interesting. I tested for a while in a number of SteamVR titles seemingly without issue, until I tried Smart Smoothing. I also didn’t see anywhere near the uplift you are seeing in Cyberpunk. Is that through the Luke-Ross mod, or vorpX?
If your experience is typical then it is even more important that Pimax FIX this, because the VR gaming scene is crap - with very few interesting titles coming along. How often do we get an Alyx, or Hubris? Incredibly rarely. Usually it’s just “Coed Hot Dog Vendor Simulator” and equally uninteresting crapola. I have a feeling we will be relying more and more on products like vorpX or directly-modded flat titles, and that’s incredibly demanding in terms of the power you need to get a good experience. Being able to safely turn on HAGS, and use DLSS3 frame-gen will be of critical importance.

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It sure is…not sure why I benefit from hags so much. Maybe its more like:my system gets hurt without HAGS…

Been playing more with HAGS and DLSS3 Frame Gen as well. On my system I’ve left HAGS on continually for several weeks now without any problems in VR at this time; remember that I’m not using Pimax Motion-Smoothing. As noted above, the one time I tried Pimax Motion Smoothing with HAGS the results were completely unusable (it would be interesting to see if others have this same experience?)

I use SteamVR and Steam’s OpenXR implementation.

As for DLSS3, I am currently unable to test Cyberpunk DLSS3 Frame Gen in vorpX, due to incompatibilities, but I have extensively tested it on my 3D display using SuperDepth3D and on my HMD using Virtual Desktop and SuperDepth3D/VR with mixed results: 1) There remain some issues with Frame Generation and Reshade or SuperDepth. I think the issue occurs when SuperDepth adjusts depth-map interpretation for on-screen elements (i.e. gun depth adjustments etc.) Elements flicker back and forth between two different depths, etc. Possibly unsolvable, we will just have to wait and see.

Overall impressions of dlss3 frame-gen are good however. It definitely softens focus a bit, and does nothing for latency, but running even at a lowly 30fps with Frame Gen doubling that to 60 the motion itself is very smooth and looks far better than any form of VR frame gen I’ve yet seen. If NVIDIA could implement this across the board for VR they would gain a lot of favor from the VR community. Speaking of issue to overcome, Frame Gen disables vsync, so you’ll need to cap frame rates elsewhere if you want to test it with a 3D display or in VR. Since Cyberpunk has a built-in fps cap function, I used that. Note that I had to set the cap to 30 in order to get it to actually cap at 60 total fps (30 rendered + 30 generated.) Hogwart’s implementation may be the opposite of this, with the in-game frame limiter limiting the total, rather than the rendered, number of frames. (I’m fairly sure that’s the behavior I saw, but it’s been a few weeks since I look at that.)

If some of these issues could be overcome then HAGS + DLSS3 frame-gen would be a HUGE boon for those of us pushing flat title to VR in virtual cinema mode (or even full VR modes). I think I could probably run Cyberpunk at 4K, 30fps + frame generation to 60 in virtual cinema mode and be reasonably happy with it. At the very least it would look amazing. (Currently, running through vorpX, I get 45fps with occasional dips to just under 40, at 4K resolution but with DLSS set to “Quality” mode - hence I’m rendering at only 2560x1440, with RT on Ultra. So it’s an OK experience, but still lacking just a bit of crispness I can get if running native 4K without DLSS.)

Ultimately I can push slightly more pixels than my 3D display requires @60fps in Cyberpunk even with RT Overdrive enabled, so I’m not using Frame Gen for my actual gameplay, just for testing. I will say, at resolutions > display native, with DLAA instead of that horrible TAA it had before, and RT or Overdrive RT the title finally looks as good as we all hoped it would. It’s staggering. There are scenes I wander through over and over again with my jaw hanging open. (Overdrive looks amazing in many scenes, but occasionally doesn’t work well, like leaving some areas too dark to see anything at all, and with no native flashlight in the game that’s not good. I hope the flashlight mod works well.) Mostly I’ve reverted to playing Cyberpunk on my 3D display as that eliminates a huge amount of GPU overhead related to pushing things to my 8-KX. If Frame-Gen compatibility with vorpX, or Reshade + SuperDepth, come to fruition I’ll check things again on my HMD.


A bit more info, not that it’s probably of any real use here beyond being information as to the current state of 3D and DLSS Frame Gen: I tested Witcher3 Next Gen last night on my 3D display using Superdepth and was able to get an incredibly smooth “120fps” experience on my 60hz 3D display with RT on. 120fps being reported by in-game counters, but obviously being sent to my display at the proper 60hz despite vsync being disabled (manually capped to 60 in this case. I can also cap to 30/60fps) It’s pretty clear that DLSS 3 Frame Gen has been built around the concept of modern variable-sync gaming monitors with no or little regard to any other ecosystem. Regardless, it is very, very close to working, with only the same depth glitching I see in Cyberpunk. For those of us transforming our pancake games into 3D or even full VR it does look at least somewhat hopeful that we may be able to someday use Frame Gen.

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