Fix Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling

I did also used dlss ultra on hogwards legacy with no problems.
But its also runs with 4k ultra preset.I used Dlss before they did patch the game, now this runs native here, that is if i find the time to run it,…( want to play this for 2 weeks now,…)

So after careful analysis
HAGS just doesnt work with Pimax steamVR
It DOES however work with Oculus, so all of Luke Ross mods, your favorite Oculus games, anything that doesnt you piserver’s steam VR runtime could benefit from having the setting on. The performance benefit for Cyberpunk is a 50% uplift for me. 50%. 32FPS to 50FPS. Whats going on here?


you speak about use dlss3 where you need HAGS on to be used?right?

No just hags itself, but yeah dlss three needs hags. Im only saying Hags itselft give me 30-40% uplift.

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Interesting. I tested for a while in a number of SteamVR titles seemingly without issue, until I tried Smart Smoothing. I also didn’t see anywhere near the uplift you are seeing in Cyberpunk. Is that through the Luke-Ross mod, or vorpX?
If your experience is typical then it is even more important that Pimax FIX this, because the VR gaming scene is crap - with very few interesting titles coming along. How often do we get an Alyx, or Hubris? Incredibly rarely. Usually it’s just “Coed Hot Dog Vendor Simulator” and equally uninteresting crapola. I have a feeling we will be relying more and more on products like vorpX or directly-modded flat titles, and that’s incredibly demanding in terms of the power you need to get a good experience. Being able to safely turn on HAGS, and use DLSS3 frame-gen will be of critical importance.

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It sure is…not sure why I benefit from hags so much. Maybe its more like:my system gets hurt without HAGS…