Fix for issues on 4k crashing windows randomly

Thought I would let you know of an issue I came across on 1 of my test machines effecting Win10 64bit enterprise.

Pc spec.
Win10 64bit enterprise (latest version)
32gb ddr3
I7 4690k stock (no overclock)
Evo970 ssd
Aurous GTX1080ti

Monitor connections:
3x24inch screens using DP and Pimax on Hdmi (1st rail)

Win 10 boots up to all 3 screens being on but no signal. Note pimax is always plugged in and never unplugged.
When booting to bios, no issues, post displays fine.
2nd reboot now only 1 screen is displaying as on with no signal… Other 2 drop to safe idle and turn off.
Suspect faulty GPU.
Hardware tests confirms all hardware is fine
System file check confirms windows is fine, but still unable to boot to safe and startup repair unsuccessful although completed without issues found.

Also note if unplugging USB for pimax or even wiggling Hdmi on pimax (GPU) side, PC will restart itself. Event viewer records power failure indicating Psu or mobo fault. If I did manage to get it to windows on 1 or 2 screens, would reboot randomly indication Mobo fault.

Remove Gtx1080ti and Connected single screen to on board GPU (Intel hd9000) and boots to windows fine. Scanned for malware etc and all clean. So uninstalled pitool. 84, then open registry and search and deleted anything relating to pitool, piplay and Pimax. Once finished (this took a while) and would seriously suggest backing up registry BEFORE doing THIS!!

Then restarted PC and reinstalled pitool. .84, and booted to windows.
Used Nvidia surround to enable 3 screens for infinity screen and then tested pimax. This fixed the issue.

Note 1 of the screens no longer is recognizing DP on the same rail as the pimax’s hdmi, so switched that screen to dvi and moved the pimax to the 2nd rail hdmi port.

Hope this helps in case you see this weird restart/ crash win 10 in the forums.



Thx for your enthusiasm,Do you want to create an topic and add this fix-guide to Wiki?
I can create a topic if you don’t want to create topic,cause there might be more backer need help.

Are you able to do it please… I’m still at Microsoft conference for 2 more days and I typed this on my phone, the mobile theme on the site is a bit of a challenge until someone at pimax fixes it… See my other post regarding what is wrong with the themes.


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Not sure if this is what you mean, but I built my own theme:

The mobile light theme as shown below. With the top-nav overlaying the banner you can’t click anything above the content area.

I have already messaged pimax to tell them exactly what to change to fix it, but it’s not done yet.

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I changed this PM to public topic and update the solution to wiki :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We received this requirement already.I will send you the progress via private message