First VR - what to buy?

Hi guys, sorry if this isn’t the correct subforum.

I recently just purchased the Pimax 5K+ with Leap motion (today) as well as the Pimax base station and Wireless Controllers (with Trackpad).

I couldn’t find much information on whether the trackpad or the thumbstick was best - so I opted for the trackpad. I don’t know what leap motion is (so I purchased it anyway), after a quick google it seemed like a good investment.

Anyway. Is there anyway to purchase any accessories for the Pimax?
On my order it says that the Pimax base station and wireless controllers is a “(Deposit)” - does that mean it’s just reserved?

What are the shipping times like for the headsets and the controllers?

Sorry. I can’t really find any official information on this. It’s not posted anywhere on their website and there’s about a thousand different threads in this forum that all seem to be outdated by other forums suggesting new dates and stuff.

It looks like a really good product but there seems to be a lot of information that can’t easily be found intuitively.

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I can only attest to the trackpad controllers. I am very used to playing joystick style controllers, ive been playing Playstation controllers w joysticks since launch of PS1.

So in preparation for my Pimax 8K to arrive, I bought a used Vive vr system that included base stations and trackpad controllers which are compatible with the Pimax 8K.

Well since everything was used, I needed to test the controllers and base stations, so I got everything hooked up and played Gunheart for the first time with the Vive trackpad controllers and all I can say is Headache, headache and more headache. Usually I can get the hang of a new controller in a few minutes or maybe an hour, but I just could not get the hang of maneuvering with that damn trackpad.

So it looks like I’ll be purchasing the joystick Pimax controllers/ base stations when they become available. I thought about doing the preorder/deposit right now at Pimax website but with them being understaffed and Pimax being “Pimax”, I am deciding to just wait until they are actually available instead of “dicking” with the preorder/deposit method.

Hope my rant helps some…

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Wow thanks! I really appreciate the insight. Yeah I wasn’t sure, I hadn’t done -much- research into it - all I know is that this headset has some stellar reviews and it started off on kickstarter, so if I can support a new company I would rather do that. Therefore I purchased this one over the Vive Pro and the Rift.

Shame to hear about the trackpad controllers.

It’s very strange, can you enlighten me on the whole ‘‘deposit’’ thing? I don’t really understand it at all. There’s no [listed] price for the base station and controllers, therefore I’ve put down a $300 dollar deposit on an item with that has a future unspecified value?

Very strange. I might look into just purchasing the vive base stations and controllers you’re saying are compatible with the Pimax.

I should probably include that it’s pretty disheartening that I have to find this information on their forum instead of on the actual product page.

It doesn’t give estimated shipping dates, a total cost, or what is necessary in order to have the VR function.

Therefore, if the base stations/trackpad controllers are only ready in Q2 2019, and the headset is set to ship (hopefully in Q1) - that means that I am waiting ~6 months? Very bizarre. Better off keeping my money and purchasing it all once it’s ready to go like you said.

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Ha yes welcome to the world of Pimax!

Im not sure about the deposit and how it works so I cant comment on that. I can say that I was very pleased with my Pimax 4K, it had its pros and cons but it it served me well. I still play my Vive, I sold my PSVR, if the ever make a “newer” PSVR ill probably be investing in that too. I love the PSVR experience even though it had low resolution , it was very immersive.

Funny thing is I mostly played games on my PSVR and some on the Pimax 4K, so I am fairly new to my Vive and Vive trackpad controllers, Ive only played 3 games on Vive, two of them I played on the trackpad controllers was easy to use, but on the other game (Gunheart) was the hard to maneuver with trackpad style controller.

I bought my Vive headset, two controllers, base stations, breakout box, cables and power supplies for $200 shipped on Ebay. Its hard to find a deal like that but its still possible. That system usually sells for $350 to $400. Just gotta be vigilant.

I can honestly say if its your first VR headset I would not recommend the Pimax 8k or 5K+ unless you are a power user, like you dont mind fiddling with software or hardware etc etc. It IS made in China and run by a “start up” company. So just be prepared. For me the trade off is you get tech that is not available with Oculus,Vive, WMR or any other manufacturer. And really looking forward to the big FOV!

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From what we understand about the deposit I will explain further below… But for now here are some expectations for you

Pimax are still sending headsets to the Kickstart backers and they have said that they will be providing units to them before sending units to pre order customers. So you may be waiting a while for your unit.

Next the reason for the ‘deposit’ on the pimax controllers is they have not made them yet! They have been focusing on releasing the headsets and are planning on providing controllers (still in design stage) and lighthouses (based on lighthouse 2.0) but the lighthouses are being rebranded and sold by pimax but they come from HTC and the 2.0 LH’s have not been released to public yet.

So… Pimax are asking for a deposit to offset whatever price HTC make the new lighthouses price and whatever the pimax company sets the price on the controllers.

At this stage the headset is the only concrete device they are providing, the controllers are being designed and tested right now, they are waiting for the LH’s to be provided by a 3rd party.

If your looking for accessories then have a look at the pimax deluxe audio strap.

The leap Motion is good but there and few if any games or experiences out there for it right now… But maybe I the future.



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The controller & Ligh houses the final price has not be determined. So it might cost more than the $300 US deposit.

As for trackpad vs thumbsticks? Folks are split on preference. Sticks will be more familar for most gamepad users vs trackpad.

If your into Steam gaming buy a Steamcontroller. Trackpad can take time to adjust to but for me it depends on the game as to what I find better. But if your adaptable the steamcontroller & trackpads can be quite good. But there is a learning curve as with things not in the norm.