First night with 8kx, some good, lots of bad, can't recommend for sub 62mm IPD people, which is half of humanity since 62ipd is average for humans

First night with my 8kx, I’ll keep it brief and to the point. I also have the Index, which I’ll use for comparison.

Setup was a pain, but I was expecting that. Changing all the settings in steam vr to allow full resolution, etc. Took some time, but got it done.

Comfort - much worse than the index. 8kx doesn’t seem to lock down to my face like the index does, at least not without crushing the bridge of my nose. Can’t adjust it away from there without getting out of the sweet spot of the lenses, so my nose seriously hurts.

Lenses - Index wins again with a much larger and forgiving sweet spot (i.e. the portion where the image is sharpest). With the 8kx you have to be exactly in it, and even then you can’t look much with your eyes as you are instantly out of it, unlike the index where I got used to using my eyes to look. I tried reading some articles in vr desktop in the 8kx, and unless I froze my eyes and turned my head to read the next words, I was out of the sweet spot.

Sharpness - its a tie between the 2, and this is my biggest gripe with the 8kx and what ruins it for me - I CAN’T GET THE MECHANICAL IPD ADJUSTED SMALL ENOUGH. My ipd is 60 (as verified by several optomitrists over the last couple decades), and at the shortest mechanical ipd adjustment its still way too large. There is NO place I can look where BOTH eyes have a clear and sharp image. The very small sweet spot only exacerbates this. No matter where I look, only one eye or neither can see clearly.

This is the main cause of eye strain for me. Since at no time do both eyes see a clear and sharp image, my brain struggles to combine the two images as it does in the real world. One fuzzy image and one sharp image don’t combine, so my eyes are constantly trying to focus and adjust, they can never relax. I can minimize it by keeping my dominate eye in its sweet spot, and then only using my head to turn and never moving my eyes, but that gets old as well, especially after being used to the index.

Where it is sharp, its shaaaaarp, but its only sharp in one eye at a time, and only then in a postage stamp sized area. So its just not nearly as good as I had hoped it would be.

And yes, I tried all the workarounds to try and make it work. In the end, the 8kx simply cannot adjust below about a 62ish physical IPD. Why they designed it this way blows my mind, because it just ruins the experience. I can only imagine how sharp it must look for those with larger IPD’s that can have their eyes look through their respective sweet spots at the same time, it must be incredible! But I can’t, because of a stupid design choice, in my opinion. One eye, or both, are always blurry. Stupid.

Screens - color was good, but screens were dim, which also added a bit to the eye strain, like trying to see in a dim room. Just one more thing that makes the eyes work a little harder than in the index.

Resolution - When you see clearly, the 8kx wins hands down. However, after spending several hours in it, I decided I’d rather have both eyes see the same image, even if its a lower resolution, than have one eye seeing a sharper high res image while the other sees a blurrier image, causing my brain to hurt as it tries to align them. My eyes are so much more relaxed in the index because of this.

Distortion - a tie, if I’m wearing my glasses. This is weird. If I don’t have my glasses on in the 8kx, there is a LOT of distortion, like the walls seem to wobble and wiggle as I look around. But if I put my glasses on, it goes away completely. I can’t explain that at all. So with glasses on, both index and 8kx have no noticeable distortion for me.

FOV - Here the 8kx dominates, and I can’t wait to try some flight and racing sims, even though the eyestrain and puny sweet spots will force me to lock my eyes and only use my head to look around.

Summation - I had hoped the 8kx would be a great leap forward, but because of the stupid low end limitation of IPD adjustment, this is really only a side grade for me, not an upgrade. I’ll definitely be keeping my index, and if I don’t hack into the 8kx like someone else did to try and force a lower IPD, I’ll be selling the 8kx.

Its a shame. The AVERAGE human IPD is about 62, meaning HALF of humans will be below this, yet for some stupid reason they decided to make that the lowest you can effectively adjust for physically. And all the software adjustements in the world won’t move that small sweet spot to where it needs to be.

All this after waiting a year to get my pre-order, lol. Very disappointing, really bums me out. Hope this helps anybody on the fence that has a less than 62mm IPD. After pulling an all-nighter I’m off to bed, have a good day everyone.


That’s strange, my girlfriend’s IPD is around 59.3. Dropping the manual IPD down to 60 and then using the software adjustment to drop it slightly further results in a perfect setting for her.


mine is 60.7 and its really fine, my VR IPD is 66.6 in total but for 3d depth feeling ^^


My manual IPD only goes down to 61.5 (per what it reads on the screen as you adjust it). There must be some variance between different samples perhaps.

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Mine was doing that when I first got it. In fact I posted here that I was having issues with the dial. My dial was working rather wonky. Scrolling up to 70 worked great, but scrolling down to 60 didn’t. Mine would get to around 63-62 and then not go down further easily. If I scrolled very slowly at the low end it would gradually go down further and hit 61-60. I’ll say now that I’ve been using my headset the past week and have made multiple IPD adjustments back and forth with everyone who’s put it on. The dial seems to have loosened up a bit and become easier to dial in. It’s still not a smooth as my 5K+ dial, but it’s certainly gotten better with use.


Yeah got the same problem with IPD and lens sweet spots. My IPD is 62 maybe lower, I can get the mechanical IPD down to 59.8mm but it’s not enough, can never get both eyes clear when looking straight ahead.

Glancing around just gets worse as the discrepancy between eyes increases (one eye becomes super clear while the other gets really blurry). Have to move head and never look around much.


Exactly! Its amazing how fast it goes from sharp to blurry, then to really blurry as your eye moves out of the small sweet spot. You really do have to lock your eyes in and just turn with your head. That’s gonna be a hard habit to break, lol.


I have the same issue. IPD is around 60-62 where it feels the most natural, but the lenses can’t get close enough together to both be clear. It’s one or the other, or sometimes neither. Aside from this the image looks fantastic. If the lenses could travel closer together then it would be perfect, or if the clarity in that sweet spot extended towards the inner side more.


I don’t know, I reckon it’s bollocks that the brain can’t adjust one slightly blurry eye. I am short sited in both eyes, but one eye much more than the other. I developed blepharitis in the stronger eye, so I can no longer wear a contect lense in it. However, I can put one contact lens in JUST the bad eye, and after about 30 mins, and hour, my brain has compensated and I see everything fine. Your brain’s a pretty darn powerful machine, heck, if you destroy a whole region of it another one can take over and repair functionality. And it’s doing a ton of guesswork anyway when it processes ‘reality’.

I also have a low IPD, 58, but i’m very happy with the 8KX. I think some people need to spend more time looking at the game rather than obsessing about one eye being slightly out - i’m not necessarily saying any of you in this thread, but i’ve noticed this complaint doing the rounds recently, and also everyone trying to get both eyes exactly clear as the primary method of setting up IPD. I’m not so convinced that is the best method. Your brain will compensate. I’m not saying better lenses wouldn’t be good and no doubt will be sorted in the future, or that some people don’t have genuine problem, and I know it is hard to dial in a Pimax headset to an individual. But for many, on this one issue, just playing will solve much.


Yeah that’s definitely a downside. In practice I’m fiddling all the time to get into the sweetspot. And then BOOM out of it again, fiddling etc … Not sure why it’s like that. It was definitely not like that on the 5k+
BTW my IPD is 69.5


Yes exactly!



Get a thinner cushion. Also make a support ticket and ask them to send you the thinner cushion that was supposed to be included in the box.

My IPD is 71 and I have exactly the same issue with the thick cushion included in my box.

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My IPD is 58 and it’s fine with the X.


You really, really, really need to start shipping with the 2 cushions included.

The cost cutting that led to shipping the backer headsets several years ago with one cushion only led to Pimax been mostly associated with distortions. Now it will lead to the 8kX been associated with blurriness and bad optics.


Then you need to figure out why so many of us, including plenty of people with experience setting up Pimax and other headsets, are having trouble with the X - and help us fix it please :wink:


My IPD is 64 and I have had a similar issue, and indeed also the annoying „only one eye in the sweet spot at a time“ problem.

I wasn‘t able to get back to VR for two weeks now, hopefully next week will allow me to try it again, also the progress on PE.

But overall I am still cautious about the G2 - if it only loses out on the FoV but if it provides a much more convenient experience with much less eye strain and hassle, I unfortunately see myself switching to it.

I will probably not sell off my 8KX yet though because who knows if Pimax can do some magic with the DFR and perhaps even eye-strain relieving adjustments based on eye-tracking, and I should be sent my backed hand-tracking module one day… perhaps there will be a plug-in for FS2020 to utilize the hand-tracking for instrument control. That would be a package the G2 couldn‘t compete with easily, so all hope is not gone yet.

But the 8KX hasn‘t convinced me fully so far either.


Have you checked your IPD so you get for the eye seperatly, you can have 33 one eye 31 other eye so then you need to use software to fix that.

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You know, I don’t think they’re going to do this. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but the only person who ever stated that they would is PimaxUSA - however there’s no evidence from the units received that there’s anything but one included. And the vast majority have the thin foam.

I raised a ticket and heard back from Support about it and they said I would receive the thick foam in October after the holiday season. I don’t think the thread on here making requests is being looked at either, so it seems to be ticket or nothing.

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@Davobkk Studioform has a comfort strap with weights that is reported to help with Nose.

The hinges shipped are not made with correct angle. If you have plastic hinges you can force them past the stops. Send pimax a support ticket requesting new hinges. Unfortunately they seemed to have missed checking the hinges and shipped 2 types of hinges with incorrect angles.

Alternatively some users have made 3dprintable fixed hinges.

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It is too bad they didn’t learn from the fellow on reddit whom did an extreme ipd mod. All they needed was to switch the ipd pot to a pulse coder and follow what he did to shave for additional ipd adjustment.