First impressions

Okay, I loaded up PE today and now I’m going to give you my first impressions. At first glance, it looks and feels pretty good for a first iteration of the Pimax Experience. It was not hard to load up and set up. And I like the fact that you can still use the basic Pitool. The environments were simple but okay, but you should have left in the original Pimax Home environment just for fun. I was able to click around and navigate fairly easily. The one thing that I was hoping for with this environment is that maybe it would help run some of the games that I was having a problem with right out-of-the-box. I think there are some video driver compatibility issues with the Pimax headsets or settings. Because sometimes if I start a game with Revive injection it works perfectly, but if I start with the Pitool or the Steam VR home. The game won’t work properly. So maybe you can find a way to integrate a Revive injection profile into the PE. So I’m assuming, that the Pimax News section and the Cloud Profile section will be populated soon from the community. Which I think would be a great feature. Now you can look in the bugs section for some of the problems I was having, but anyway great job.


Oh, and maybe there would be an easy way to add in the index controllers or valve wands profiles that people have put on the cloud.


Thanks mate!

The original Pimax environment was removed in one of the Beta versions (0.25 maybe?) because it turned out some users got serious momory-leak problems having it enabled (application was eating up all your RAM memory, growing by 50Mb a second or more). There will be cool environments added soon, but most likely not the Pimax Environment anymore, it just doesnt seem reliable and stable enough.

Hmm do you mean Oculus games? These can only be started from PE by using Revive (injector) or the OVRlauncher (Pitool’s launcher for Oculus games). I have never used the injector for any non-Oculus game though. Could you give me an example of games that has this abnormality?

Yes the cloud profiles will be of a great help and improvement to make things more automated. It still needs some more time, especially on the web/server side which Im currently working on side by side with other tasks. I will soon reach out to coders for some help as well, as soon as we go public Beta, so we can hopefully get this thing running sooner!

Thanks for your input, much appreciated! :slight_smile:


I also tried PE yesterday and am generally impressed - it really is very much needed to make the operation of a Pimax headset more convenient.

It would make sense to create a guideline for users though, e.g. in order to move from one SteamVR app to another one you need to exit SteamVR home once you closed your app, that‘s not intuitive at first, and it would be ideal if one would have the option to jump into PE directly out of the app.

I tried two or three Oculus apps, each time I got a „not authorized“ message and it would not start.
Is there a trick to work around that? Or should I mark those for Revive ? I haven‘t checked, but it would be good to be able to remove them from the Oculus tab in such case.

At current I understand the profiles are not optimized for the game and our individual PC specs yet, but the Cloud tab will bring some crowd wisdom to us in future - but surely not as sophisticated as to translate & apply such crowd wisdom to our individual PC specs, right? More of a food for thought kind of tool which offers different settings with information on the author‘s PC specs so you can take a similar spec setting and then tweak it to match your PC perfectly, by that saving us so e 80-90% of the leg work to come to a good starting point for our more refined tweaking.

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Thanks for the input mate!

Two scenarios:

  • Either you dont have Oculus runtime running (even when running things with Revive you need Oculus runtime to be running in background to make games start). Its very important and necessary. Probably an anti-piracy check as well.

  • Or you haven’t updated the Oculus Home (and drivers)

Try it and you should have your Oculus games launching properly in PE. Both from Oculus and Revive category.

Its fully possible to have automated profiles based on the GPU/CPU combo, as PE already detects your GPU and CPU model and headset. This is something that I have in my mind and will require some work, but we will get there for sure!


Good idea! It would be even better if PE automatically closed/reopened SteamVR as needed.

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If possible, it would be even better to prevent SteamVR from starting when exiting an application (like “exit to desktop” = Pimax Experience in this case)… :wink:

Not sure such an option exists in SteamVR though.

EDIT: Never mind. I’m actually blind apparently… :rofl:

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This problem would never exist if SteamVR simply had an option to automatically quit SteamVR upon quitting a game. Im still trying to find a way to trigger this. But I guess thats what Valve doesnt want you to. They want you to be in SteamVR as much as possible and use it as the main “lobby”. Which indeed isnt a bad idea. But for Pimax users its not really optimal.

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Thanks - not sure why, but today it did work. I had not disabled the Oculus services last time nor do I see that it would have updated since then, but what-ever, as long as it is working now.

For the Oculus games it would be even more important to have a kind of a kill-switch function because there is no equivalent to SteamVR home we can go to end the game easily (especially when it is no longer responding, or it takes ages because one tries a too high resolution factor) to terminate an application. Also it would be fantastic if we could somehow get a desktop viewer when in the Oculus mode (some apps annoyingly ask you to confirm that you wish to view it in VR, e.g. the Sixtine Chapel app).
But at the same time these lovely additions maybe should be parked for a later release if they are not implemented easily (to honour the feature creep warning).

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