First 1-100 Backers poll

  • I have received a tracking number.
  • I have not received a tracking number

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A bit off top, but still related - im backer 167 and i’ve already got emailed by pimax. Already started to prepare for the 2nd batch.


Good luck industria. Happy gaming :slight_smile:


Yeah, the funny thing - i will not be able to play starting from 20th october…so my pimax will simply lay and collect dust :smiley:

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How come? no graphics card? or are you traveling for work?

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Currently living with my parents and there is no place for me to play :joy:


damn, where is the option to vote for being not tops 100? :cry:

I think the interesting result of this poll will be how many of those 100 have read your poll before getting a shipping number and how many only after finding this thread. Don’t know what to do with that kind of info though :sweat_smile:

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so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away beeing a late backer…also my number dropped when changing from 5k to 8k during the KS. Now that I most likely go for the 5k+ I could cry :slight_smile:

I just found out that even though I got my tracking number they only shipped the 8k headsets even though I had 5k headsets in my pledge as well. I guess they had more 8k’s with everyone switching to 5k+

Hmmmm I hope there is not a shortage on the screens…

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That is a flipping nightmare. I do NOT want the 8k.

Baker 69 here.

Receive my tracking number Wednesday :wink:


What country?


Spain :wink:

I’m one of the 4 Pimax which go to Spain in the batch of the 10th