Firmware direct downloads

Is it possible to have direct download links to firmware files?
Piplay has been running for 7 hours but it won’t propt the update even with the beta options flagged and it seems a common problem

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Would be great to have a nice repository.

Thank you man!
I tried to poke around the server but I’m a noon and couldn’t figure out the structure :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks sjefdeklerk,

I upload some bios files and your upgrade tool. You can find there:

BIOS (beta version)
You have 2 flash tools there: The Pimax version and the “sjefdeklerk” version.

Im trying to find the
If somebody can help with more Bios or Piplay files I can Upload all in that Mega folder.

I create a new folder to content some Piplay versions also. You can find there:

Piplay 1.1.87_x64(int)
Piplay 1.1.92 Beta
Piplay 1.1.92+ PIMAX BE driver (I realy dont know if it is the same like the beta)
Piplay 1.2.53
Piplay 1.2.57
Piplay 1.2.63 (It doesn’t work to some people, Pimax can not recognize the headset)
Piplay 1.2.74 beta
Piplay 1.2.75



seems like there’s something wrong with the firmware file or the upgrade tool is outdated.
I stopped all services but the headset gets stuck in upgrade mode (led flashing RGB quickly) and won’t complete the process.
It’s not possible to go out of DFU mode, the headset will reset itself to previous state autonomusly after a while.

Works fine here. Make sure you killed all mentioned processes and that they didn’t restart.

services are stopped, I’ll try again in safe mode

I had to rename the folder etc so that it didn’t have Chinese characters for it to work properly

Great suggestion!
After removing the chinese characters from the folder and the executable the application works and is able to correctly enter and leave DFU mode.
Apparently the FW uploaded by sjefdeklerk was corrupted, the one in alexpcalvo archive is working and I managed to succesfully flash it

Now you can see the 251 version in your Piplay home screen?

Can anyone say what is new with this firmware ?

Piplay is now displaying but for some reason my SN is now reset and shown as 100000000000001CN

Yeah you have to remove all weird characters from the firmware name. Also make sure that there’s no spaces in either the firmware name or the firmware folder, because the dfusecommand will fail (LOL it wasn’t too well written). So rename it to 1.dfu and save it to your c:\ for example to be sure.

I upload the PIMAX BE driver 1.1.92_x64 to the repository. Im not sure if that one is the same like the beta version.
I get it from “zozovr” only for collective purposes.

Update: I also upload the “controversial” 1.2.63 Pisetup version. It doesnt work in my case but I upload to complete the collection :wink:

Added 1.2.74beta and 1.2.75 to repository

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Added 1.2.85 beta (for NOLO support) to repository.


Hi @daniwaridel, [quote=“Pimax-Support, post:16, topic:4353”]
Drag the tool (MEGA) to Piplay installation (C:\Program Files\Pimax\PiPlay2), and then use it to flash the firmware.Firmware downloading:
Please refer to this post and follow the steps. If any problem, please do not hesitate to contact our e-mail: