FINALLY! Successful PIMAX 8KX IPD Adjustment

I have owned my Pimax 8KX and RTX 3080 Ti for 7 months and have never been able to get a clear image, with badly coordinated binocular vision as well as blurred vision at ANY SETTING. My IPD is 61 or 60 at the optometrist, so I adjust the mechanical wheel to 60 and then adjust the software IPD settings over and over and over without success.
At last, for me, just messing with the software IPD, I decided to adjust the right eye minus, and adjusted the left eye the exact same but in the plus direction. I started at 0.1 plus and 0.1 minus and kept going until I had fantastic vision.
Currently the settings are right eye minus 3, and the left eye plus 3. This may not work for you, but it does for me. My PIMAX 8KX is now everything I had hoped it would be in DCS World with clear cockpit details, avionics, and astounding outside landscape views. I’m elated!


Could you tell us what kind of images or 3D sets that you used for calibration? Thank you!

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I’ve done all that imaging stuff before and none of it worked for me. Maybe it works for someone else. I probably bent my glasses by quickly putting on and taking off the headset. I’ve tried the headset angles, wiggling right and left and nothing was good, especially my right eye. Maybe yours would be the left eye, so switch right and left. I even gave up and went back to my Quest 2, which is comfortable and effortless.

I used no aids, just the text in Pimax Experience, and just started clicking right eye minus and left eye plus 0,1 mm at a time looking straight ahead, until the text pixels are sharp and clear in both eyes. Mine finished up at -3 right, and +3 left eye. I’ll probably fine tune from there but right now the image is worth $1,300 FINALLY! 12K automatic IPD will be even better. Good luck.


That’s basically how I did it as well. It’s not ideal tho’ is it? I’m glad they’ve sorted automatic IPD adjustment for the next series.
But yeah, once I got the adjustments right in pitools, the 8kx came to life for me as well.
I mentioned that issue in my ‘tips for the pimax client’ video. which is now out of date because Pimax fixed one of the issues. Darn them! ::slight_smile: (kidding of course- delighted to see ongoing improvements!


That I know of, no articles mention setting the IPD like this. There just isn’t a lot of definitive information on Pimax headsets, and they would be so much easier to use if there were more instructions in English, written by English speaking people.

I feel very lucky that for me the ipd adjustment was easy, i just turned the wheel to about what my ipd is and things looked clear. took 15 seconds, not touched it since.

The Pimax is a little big for my face and eyes, and thats probably responsible for the view problems. I only use it for sit down DCS World and I use my Quest 2 for games like Onward because the Quest is smaller and stays on my face. In DCS, there is no going back to a narrow FOV regardless of resolution though and now mine works great.

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Are you sure you got it correctly? Lol. I always thought i got it right but found out not necessarily so…even got confused. Now i don’t know what to believe to be honest.

me 2 . my eyes is ipd 64, have pimax ipd set to 60 lowwest . all other adjustment is to blurry

I’m positive I got it correctly. For me - plus on one eye, and minus on the other. It seems to me the Pimax image is too far to the right, so I go minus on the right and the exact same on the left. I went to plus and minus 3 but I might back off to 2.7 plus and minus.

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