Finally Grip comes to VR!?

YES after years of begging on the steam forums they have done it?

Cant wait to play this one at 120hz large fov.

(EDIT) GamerTag plays the game


Lol at their new trailer on the Steam page, my thoughts when I saw Grip VR.


I legit, go on every steam forum when I see a 2d game that would make sense in VR and beg for VR support.

Now only if Tacoma would add it.

And everspace 2 dropping it is so disappointing. but I still hold out hope.

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If only the HL:A pancake beggars would understand the “makes sense” part. Tacoma looks like a good fit for vr. I have Everspace, I didn’t realize they were “thinking” about possibly including vr support.

I saw this posted by the E2 developers: " On the marketing side of things, we have seen non-VR players who ignore or hesitate to buy games with a VR tag."


wow, so devs are being bullied into not announcing vr support by pancakers?

well that give’s me hope then. maybe they will release and then secretly patch in VR support after.

but this attitude by the devs disgusts me

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I thought it was going to be some active thread with hundreds of people chiming in, but it’s nothing. If they are letting this small of a ‘sample size’ affect their decisions then they should do the same when people are asking for vr support, seems like a cop-out

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Doesn’t look like “bullying” - just a matter of unclear messaging, causing developer fear that a significant number of prospective HMD-challenged customers, who see the VR icons plastered on the attract picture, will make the immediate unfortunate assumption that the game is VR only, and gloss over it as something that they can sadly not play.

So the game looks great once its going with large FOV.

  1. On Large FOV the menu when you start the game is a mile away and hard to read
  2. At 120 hz the image is crosseyed. Changing the software IPD to -10 and dialing the physical slider all the way down to 51 helps, but then the menu is way out of alignment in both eyes
  3. Framerate is horrible. my 2080Ti can get 35 fps its a little better with PP off i dont think PP is necessary
  4. No dice running it in oculus mode it crashes
  5. FFR doesnt work, its an 8-bit looking pixely mess
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This game looks great! Wonder if they’d consider some other great car battke sims like Flatout Ultimate Carnage

Testing interface

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