Finally got the 8KX i ordered, What do i think of it? Well

((prelude: Dear Pimax staff. TL/DR as this will be, i recommend you read my whole opinion before cringing. For if you do so - you will have missed the point.))

Though, it might be more accurate to say,
“I finally got it, and I finally finished all the relevant tests I wanted to do before i made my assessment.”

    • No offense intended, but i part of me was prepared to return, and get my money back.
      After all, the HP Reverb v2 boasts an LCD Martix, which i was sure would be better.

I know a lot about LCDs working with phones.
= So ive seen the whole line, up to sony’s 4k LCD which does quite nicely in a gear VR (post root, of course)

1st.) I took it out of the box, which was [Unremarkable], which i was fine with - im a function over aesthetic kind of person.
2nd) I installed what I needed, and fired it up - the “Pitool” installed too, but i didnt pay much attention to it.

3rd) The Field of view was disappointing in the blur… Which momentarily infurated me.

That is until I recalled my “optical physics” education. (see “telescope + physics”)
[The “long-short” of which is ]

  • after testing with a shift of my glasses (pulling them to the side to look at another angle: “Ohhhh alright… I need sports glasses.”

4th) Native was way too slow for my 1060 gtx. So I slapped a Peltier Therm-electric plate/sync combo on it.

    • Ran “fine”

5th) bought a 5700xt.

  • modified the bios and cooling. (technically not supposed to)
    ended up with roughly “120-140%” of a 1080TI.
    (depends on the app)

according to FPS in OpenGL and DX select cpu polithreaded apps. (deliberately because i pre-render all my sh**, because I dont CS go or elsewise need low latency.

Protip = set higher latency if you don’t need instant “headshots”

6th) “render quality to stock” = quite good.

  • To Max = “weirdly slow” (I dont even know that this sh** does, but when a setting has a max, and is marked “quality” I… max it. but at “native”… tha fahhh…
  • To Min = runs smooth, but somehow looks “sh**”
  • To Medium = looks “close enough to max” but runs better at native.

((settled on medium setting + native + 100% res across the board.))

7th) Fired up Big Screen…

  • Jesus God…
    3 monitors at “comfy AF distance” and i can read EVERYTHING.

Nearly Cried.
In fact I did a little.
This was the one thing i needed VR to do - not so much that I needed VR for “common Desktop work”
But because i needed it to be able to do so, so that i knew it could achieve EVERY nuance in every experiment I had planned.
Which included being able to read… words.

  • Watched a movie = damn.
  • Played Alyx = Damn
  • Vr Chat = “Can you read that over there?” -__o
  • Custom OGL render: 6 monitors at 16 bit depth.
    ((Colors needed adjusting = easy))
  • Played Starcraft on a fake window in VR
    Comfy and normal.

… … … The res minimizes it to where you will not care.
Youd have to squint to see it, but you will not care because its that minimal.

It has issues, mostly with my glasses; cant see the sides easy, but as peripherie I still love it.
The FOV = Jesus F* Christ.
I look up *(yeah i can just barely see it.)
I look down (sure, ya)
Left and right…(umm…)
I said left and right?! (…)
(shifts headset, oh theres the edge)

This is the first generation of VR headset that i can truly experiment with sh** ive always wanted to.
This is Holideck V1
The first headset that could supercede every doctor’s computer monitor.

or a single inventor’s doubts.


So to summarise, you didn’t like it at first but then after getting it dialled you love it. If that’s sort of what you are saying welcome to the club! The 8KX rocks!! The only worry is will Pimax be able to convince enough people before they run out of money??? It’s all too quite on the marketing front in my opinion!


I too only saw it shine after about a week of adjusting settings (had to use software IPD adjustment), reshaping the face cushion and figuring out the correct position for the center of the lense to line up with my eyes. After a little bit of experimenting though, whew. I have sat 6 hours at a time in Elite Dangerous which is a first for me.
I look forward to showing a few of my colleagues what it feels like. As a company we experimented with VR in the past, but it was at a time where it was such a small market that the investment was not worth it. We have a build for Alien Isolation that supports VR natively which only ever made it to public events that I look forward to trying after lockdown ends, maybe this glimpse of what the future of VR holds might revitalise some of the enthusiasm in the studio.


What is special with sports glasses?

field of view.
Basically lenses that let you look right and left farther, and are low profile.
Good for VR… and apparently sports.
Who knew? /shrug
((doesnt “/sports”))

… … No.
No thats not even close to what i said.
If youre going to insult an academic opinion, at least have [ENOUGH]… education to belittle such points.
(or, s***! At least read the F* POST!)

Sorry for the offence, clearly not on your level of mental ability (I always had problems understanding T.S Eliot but sure he would be a breeze for you) - would you mind translating your post so a mere mortal can understand it. It’s interesting to see an example though of what they say about ones emotional intelligence not linked to ones general ‘intelligence’!!!


He’s saying that Pimax will end not with a bang but with a whimper. Or possibly that he has measured out his life in IPD adjustments.

Wat is your IPD dude?

Oh my, where do I even begin?

:gorilla: :dash:

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15 days later… You weren’t able to figure that out.
Took me 5 mins to write my experiences.
That’s how you can tell when someone’s lying.
They claim

But never seem able to pick…
ONE (1)(0000 0001)

I left trivial bait for him.
Let’s see if he takes it.

To tardisguy - dude, just go away, we don’t need you on here! Or maybe your might want to make a new account under a different name and start again because you’ve really blown it with this one.

You are the most disorganised communicator I have ever heard claim to be an academic. You get offended when people can’t understand your terrible communication and jump to conclusions they are belittling you and then resort to insults and a claim of superiority…when you’ve already exposed how inferior you are at what you’re claiming, that is educated and an academic.

I’m currently grieving the death of my wife so yes you couldn’t imagine how trivial your so called bait is and how little I care about anything you say or do.

Incidentally I am educated quite well thereby being experienced at not emotionally reacting to others’ responses to anything I say but calmly responding in a coherent manner. I understand an argument is quite the opposite of a fight and is definitely not something you set out to win. And all of this makes me how much more superior to anyone on here?, zip, zilch.

So you can just leave as suggested above. You blew your welcome straight away.


My condolences - extremely sorry to hear that.


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your typing speed is 128.2 words / minute!!

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Sorry for your loss. …


My condolences… That must be unimaginably hard.


Please accept my sincere sympathy. I’m sure the holidays and pandemic make the situation worse. I hope you are able to find some comfort in these difficult times.


Very sorry to hear. You have my condolences as well. Been a rough year.


I ve been thinking about you mate today. Lost my dad when I was 16. Losing your life partner has to be just heartbreaking.sorry