Finally found the groove

After tinkering with color, backlight, Steam, and audio, as well as just more experience with the headset, I finally had my great Pimax moment.

After a few hours of good experiences in Nature Treks, Jet Island, and the Blu… I returned to Skyrim.

I got the lighting to a decent place (love the latest PiTool beta btw), and walked around outside for a while… Then night time hit, and ho-lee ****.

I was up on the mountains looking out across the valley in front of Whiterun… I could see the beautiful Northern Lights, the mountains miles away… the giant moons…

And the freaking view, man. The ridiculous FOV changed the entire experience.

It was a totally different experience… off the charts. I walked around saying “Oh my god” for a good 10 minutes or so.

I could see the entire valley at once… the Aurora Borealis filled my entire vision… for once it really felt like that 89% more horizontal screen… I was standing on this perch and I was just surrounded by the night. The sense of presence was wildly different.

Then I went to Dragonsreach and walked out onto the Great Porch… and again just insane, the sky just opens up in front of you as you walk forward to the balcony.

Later I pulled on my Odyssey for a different game, and it was this tiny little black tube. I actually wondered if it had changed… like what the hell happened, how did I ever use this?

Anyways… Pimax can still be a pain… but it gets better, and it provides some other-worldly experiences that are impossible with any other consumer HMD.

Though still waiting for a low SDE OLED. :wink:


Can you post your vid adjustments?


Depends, but generally I’ve found less is more – rather than trying to overpush an LCD, just go with it… in practice this means contrast of 1 or 2 (rather than 4 which I used to try), and maybe -1 or -2 brightness

Also realizing that many games have their own settings which may need reconfiguring… their own brightness etc. I’d forgot about that for a while

I always use Low Backlight… that definitely makes a difference

Overall the best thing to do is just use the headset a lot and don’t use another one

One of my favorites these days is Furious Seas… it’s on the ocean so I dial-up the blue a smidge, and it really pops

It’s such a great use case for the Pimax, because not only do you get great distance clarity (crucial for sea battles), but the FOV allows you to see both sides the sea around a large ship at once, so you spot enemies sooner


Im still trying to find my great Pimax Moment. In standing roomscale games I cant get used to Normal or Large FOV with the peripheral distortion. Its fine when im standing and looking around but when I take a real life step in say Arizona Sunshine, or I lean forward to grab ammo out of a car trunk, Its Vertigo City.
Is there some trick you are using to reduce the warping on thw edges?

I will gladly play in small fov to handle these roomscale games but man Arizona Sunshine would have been my “Pimax Moment” the FOV really made those graphics shine on a whole new level. if it wasnt for the Vertigo.

P.S. And ive been playing VR for years my VR Legs are fine.


For me it was 4 things:

  • get my IPD right
  • turn off FFR, turn on PP, etc. Basically max the visuals
  • not looking at the very edges
  • use the headset a lot

The 4th is the most important – I virtually never notice it now

Also I had a thing where the very edges would have some bar of light if you looked down – I’ve found that a slight positive vertical offset kills this band of light

It’s almost uncanny how your brain just stops caring about the distortions at some point. The one in between my eyes used to bother me, but now I never ever notice it

Like I was just in Nature Treks today in some jungle… and not only did I not notice them, but even when I explicitly looked for it I barely noticed it… not sure if the software has improved or something

Can’t recommend that game enough… super colorful, and again it’s just this great feeling of being surrounded by the world… it’s what I always wanted VR to be


yeah i dont look at the sides but I can feel them warping around me if that makes sense

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