Finally! 5K+ first real run- Help!

HI All! Been away a few months

I’ve had my 5K for a few months, but other than a quick “working test” I never used it due to my 970 equipped I-5 DK2 computer.

Well I just completed building my new I-9 / 2800 TI VR slayer. and have loaded Sream / VR Steam and the .129 PI tool. What next? I understand this will update firmware, but what is the safe way? I understand there were brick issues early on?

DO I plug in the Pimax FIRST then turn on the computer to auto start the update or connect it AFTER booting up windows? Does it matter?

How about PI tool / Steam rez settings? Sweviver recommendations were having to change with every Pi tool release a few months back?

Are there finally stable recommended settings for a top preforming computer?

I’m chomping at the bit to finally give it a real go! Start me out right guys!

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Ok Bummer…

I would boot your computer. Then plug hmd in & let it update.

Probably doesn’t matter. But can be a good precaution.

I turn on my base stations (if you have them) and boot computer. I power up the Pimax and controllers then launch Pitool. I hold my headset in the middle of the play area and move it around a little and everything is found in a few seconds.