Feels like an 8K media blackout

At this point in time this should be a buzzing community full of hype, interest, anticipation and discussion. But we are running out of things to discuss as there are no crumbs from the gods.

The NDA is there to protect against mis-information or things that can be taken out of context, negative aspects, I understand that but come on, is there nothing positive to report on? Nothing great that has been fixed, anything that has improved?



We have to wait know. Some testers supposedly will receive the new version of the headset.

If the headset has the issues fixed, pimax will release the nda, if not we have to wait at least more two weeks.

Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

I agree. The NDA was there to stop bad arly impressions and problems putting people off. Now that’s all leaked all we have is the negativity.

They’ve said the problems are fixed and the testers like Sweviver are clearly excited to talk about it but the NDA is still holding them back.

I don’t see why they can’t lift it and let the testers tell us all the good stuff and put any worries at ease.

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Not all the problems are fixed. The worst problems arent and this is the reason that pimax sent a m2 version to testers. We dont know even if this version has other issues. its something can happen. In this moment we are in the dark. But pimax could talk about the controllers for example :slight_smile:


Like I said. I want to know about the positives, not the negatives as those are obviously still being worked on.

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The main reason the testers jumped on the leaks so fast is because their impressions were all over the internet while under NDA. They had to send a clear message to Pimax that they had nothing to do with the leaked info

The leaks were pretty bad. MRTV’s post was from less than two weeks ago and he hasn’t said anything to reassure backers the problems are solved. Only Sweviver made the claim then later told backers to lower their standards

Anyone who believes they solved all those issues in under two weeks is kidding themselves. The person who leaked these posts does not hate Pimax. They were looking out for the backers by sending a clear message not to deliver more junk like the P4K. With the NDA Pimax had a free run to deliver whatever they want


Yep we have no reason to log in anymore , pimax who ?

Well, whilst too much communication is also never a good thing (trust me); knowing almost nothing is also really bad.

What I think would be a good idea is just having an issue tracker, without details. So simply having a banner, forum thread or something saying:
Critical issues left: 4 | moderate issues: 12 | minor issues: 16 | other: 5

Which would then get updated when they’re fixed. That would go a long way imho.


I think they can still keep the NDA in place as there are still ongoing developments that are not ready for public inspection but they must have something good to say by now. The community here are/were so keen to help, offer advice, discuss things in depth and maybe see their input as useful. That is slipping away.

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Aye, and only knowing old bad info is even worse. I thought Pimax had a community manager.

The one thing I think Pimax could explain in an update right now would be only the issues that have been corrected. Don’t worry about the issues still being worked on, just let us now what’s been fixed. The testers have explained since the leak many of the issues have been fixed. Only downfall would be process of elimination to figure from the leak what is left to fix, with that it probably won’t happen until the NDS is fully lifted.

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Given how this community behaves when given any information, I can’t really blame them. Saying anything tends to just result in 20 more demands and atleast one firestorm, regardless of how positive it is.


I would rather be proactive on that and ignore trolling or flag posts as inappropriate so they get removed. Better than staying silent. You have to be able to take criticism as long as it has merit.

Problem with that theory is that it is entirely possible for an issue to return when you fix something else. So then in your example, an issue would be reported as fixed in some patchnotes but then a week later, it’s back. What do you do then?
Whilst this is entirely normal development, some people might see this kind of stuff as incompetence.


I strongly believe this is true.

I would be really surprised if what Davobkk said was true. For someone to choose to release information while under NDA means that they where in a very negative state of mind and in a situation of frustration quite severe that they would want to make a big statement to feel better about the situation. They might be trying to make it look like they do it for other but from experience that is just an after thought to feel better about oneself the real reason is most likely more personal.

NDA or not Pimax have and always had a free run to deliver whatever they want it’s a kickstarter. I’m sorry that you feel powerless and that this worry you. I for one think they are doing their best but even so i expect problem even after release.

This will be my last post about anything NDA matter if ppl still want to talk about it enjoy yourself.

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“negative state of mind” ->
Yes, it is assumed that the tester who leaked this did it out of spite and to hurt Pimax (because, that’s when you do when you breach NDA).

And no, of course the testers aren’t entirely selfless. They also want the best possible headset they can get. The difference is, they have the chance to help make that a reality.

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I think you’re being waaaay overly generous here. Given the previous iteration, it will be at least another month before a ‘M2’ unit gets in the hands of any tester.

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I feel kind of torn apart on this. Half of me would want to know how the testing is going, directly from Pimax, not necessarily all technical details, but sufficiently detailed summary. The other half, after being exposed again and again to the the big discrepancy between the communication from Pimax and the real state of the product (especially after the last CEO’s update), feels like wanting anything is futile.